Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 25: Energy Healing Session Part 2- Dissolving Resistance to Change

So, the next day after my energy healing session with the herd, reconnecting to an aspect of my Higher Self, there was an energetic shift, an opening for change! Yea!

BUT- I didn't take it! Nope- I opted for the same old stuck habit. Grrrrr...

So I brought my resistance to change back to the herd for part two of our energy healing session.

This time Seren helps me dissolve my resistance to change...throughout our session, you can see how she helps me move energy that is stuck in my throat chakra, where it gets lodged and causes me to gag, to the place where I can move it through fully with a big hearty yawn!

So let's tune in and see how the herd works their magic with resistance to change....

Healing is like an onion- you peel back one layer at a time, dissolving the darkness, until you reach your brilliant core. And all along the way, if we are paying attention, our bodies will show us when it's time to dissolve the next layer of darkness.

Sometimes the layers don't go willingly and it takes a few days to work them through!!!

No worries, though. If you stay curious and willing, and keep turning toward the yuck, rather than away, the herd will shepard you through your healing stages, one day, one layer at a time!

Curious about the stages of healing, like an onion? Read more about it here: What It Takes to Heal

Or read about another energy healing the herd offered me- this time by refusing to work! Here: When Your Horse Refusing to Work is a Good Thing.

Schedule some Healing with the Herd time for yourself! Sessions from one hour to 5 days are available, just email me to see how the Herd can help fast-forward your healing journey!

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