Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 30 The Circle of Life: A Ritual of Endings & Beginnings with Horse

Today was the final day of the 30 day Equi-Heart Pledge! Together with you, I just completed a 30 day cycle of tuning into the Wisdom of Horse once a day in a Global Heart Experiment with Horse! YAY!

I experienced so many ah-ha's and awakening moments, plus had a real breakthrough towards the end which is catapulting me forward on the next phase of my journey of service with horse.

How to celebrate such an ending? Well, of course, the horses had a splendid idea! With a Circle of Life Ritual- releasing what no longer serves and calling in that which we wish to embody.

Join with me as I experience the ritual with my herd...and hear Serendipity's parting Words of Wisdom for YOU...

How will you BE THE MAGIC in your life? What are you ready to release and eager to reclaim? Walk your own Circle of Life and let me know what you notice!

Or try the Journey Ride Meditation- it's essentially a 55 min guided Circle of Life meditation with Horse! Download yours for only $9.95 here.

THANK YOU for joining me for this 30 day equine extravaganza of healing, wisdom, and inspiration! I'd love to hear from you about your experience during our global heart experiment.  PLEASE SEND me your story at and a pic, I'll post it here and on our Dorothy Moments with Horse Book Blog. I'm eager to hear how Horse touched YOU!

We'll be doing the Equi-Heart Pledge once a year starting on Valentine's Day, so join us again next year! Plus, I'll be posting weekly Wisdom Horse Gem updates once a week right here. Want to keep abreast of the Healing Horse Wisdom? Be sure you are on one of our mailing lists or sign up to get blog updates on the right hand side navigation bar --->

During this month, I also discovered that this was a LOT of wisdom to try to integrate in only 30 days!!! Just when I had a new Gem to practice, it was time to move onto the next! So to help myself and others really embody and integrate the healing messages of horse, I'm going to be putting together a new program called The Wisdom Horse Way- an e- workbook, with audio exercises, plus videos to guide all of us in living the Wisdom of Horse! If you are on our list, you'll get the updates when this new program is ready!

Finally- if Horse is calling you and you are eager to fast-forward your own healing journey with horse- consider booking some Healing Herd time at the your own custom Equi-Quest Heal & Ride Retreat for the equine adventure of a lifetime. Email me for details:

May you remember that the Heart of Horse is always just a breath away! Today and all days, may Horse be with you. Sending you horse-hearted blessings for a life filled with love!

Dr. Jenn and the Healing HerdHappily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch
Outside Denver, CO

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 29: Dissolving Lack with a Chakra Clearing with Horse!

Today we had a whole bunch of unexpected cash flow OUT- for repairs to trucks, cars, the house, everything! Unexpected. Hrmpf.

Which highlighted a nifty little core belief that still rears it's ugly head: "There is never enough!" That's a nice gem that Little Jenn latched on to ages ago and is really stubborn about releasing.

Thankfully, the herd stepped in to offer both insight and a chakra clearing to help shift from lack & limitation to infinite abundance and, watch another self guided healing session I did with the herd that took a few unexpected turns with newbie equine healer, Gem...let's tune in...(hang in there during the wind in the middle- it clears up and the session takes some interesting turns!)

In that healing session, I demonstrate many of the steps to the Equine-Inspired Inner Inquiry Process- ready to lead yourself through a healing session, with or without a horse nearby? Grab your copy of the Free report: 5 Steps to Healing with Horses. Or, if you have an especially tough belief or pattern to clear, I'm always happy to help guide you during an in-person or phone coaching session:

Where do you need to release old ideas of lack and limitation? How can you invite sweet, infinite abundance into your life? Share your comments below!

Author Interview 4: The Journey of Life After Death With Horse!

Have you ever lost a loved one and ached, just ached to feel them once more?

In her chapter of Spiritual Adventures with Horse, Constance Funk tells the tale of her mother's passing. But before she makes the journey to the other side, her mom tells her she'll give her a sign when she's around: it will be the wind blowing in her and her horse's hair.

Then one day, the wind does blow her hair, not in the usual way, but in a wild, divinely orchestrated musical dance between Connie, her two horses, and a coat of her mother's. It's a heart warming and compelling tale of life after death, facilitated through the herd!

Hear Connie share this tale, plus some ideas on how to connect with your herd in this fascinating interview on a topic we all yearn to understand more, connecting with those on the other side!

Head on over to our Author Interview page to listen or download her interview here.

Grab your copy of Spiritual Adventures with Horses, where Connie shares the details of her life after death journey, as well as a comprehensive exercise to guide you in journeying with your horse.  Grab your full copy of the e-book, including her special guided exercise here.

Constance Funk is the author of two equine-inspired books: Beauty From Brokenness: Bits and Pieces of My Journey Into Wholeness and Holy as Thou: Bittersweet Tales About Remembering To Love. In both, she shares her own life journey along with the herd. Get copies of both books for only $20, plus $5 shipping by emailing:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 28 Equine Insight into the Law of Attraction!

Today, I expanded my horizons and tried something we don't usually do at the ranch, riding one horse, while ponying another (a good way to get fitness on 2 horses at once!). 

Needless to say, because we were new at it, we weren't perfect...which gave me a perfect opportunity to practice an age-old Law of Attraction principle.

But that wasn't my first reaction....Seren had to remind me...Let's listen in to her equine insight...

According to Law of Attraction principles, what we focus on expands. Primarily because whatever energy we send out, we attract more of.

So by focusing on what is good, by celebrating whatever was right...we are then in the feeling-space of creating more of that which we enjoy, rather than of what we don't want- which tends to happen when we focus on what we don't like.

Trouble is, most humans don't have that habit! We are actually hard-wired to focus on what's wrong- as a means of survival, I suppose, which was useful way back when we were being chased by saber-tooth tigers and needed to hunt & gather for food.

But it's not so useful anymore- it just a plain downer! So join me today in celebrating what was good in your day. What went right? Focus on appreciation for that and by doing so, we'll invite more things to feel good about!

This is exponentially more true when we add another being into the loop! If I focus on appreciating Frolic for what she did right today, rather than scolding her on what she did wrong- what do you think will be the result?!

It's the same for everyone in our lives- co-workers, friends, kids, spouse- so go focus on something they did right today and let them know. Create a circle of goodness- wherever you look!

Here's some more sage wisdom from Seren about how to transform every moment by savoring what really matters- love! Blog post- Do You Have an Embracing Heart?

We're getting close to the end of our 30 day Heart Experiment with Horse!!! Do you have a heart-touching moment or lesson from the herd you want to share? Please email me a post at  and we'll share it here and on our book blog of Dorothy Moments- times when Horse transported you to a whole new world of possibility! Help uplift others with your experiences of the Heart of Horse!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 27 Creating Partnership Toward Your Goals!

Today I asked my Warrior Goddess Horse, Charm, if she wanted to go to an eventing clinic and horse show this spring/summer (eventing is a 3-phase equestrian sport that includes dressage, cross country jumping and stadium jumping)....her answer made great sense for anyone who has any type of goal they want to move toward...let's listen in...

What I loved about Charm's suggestion was that it was clear it wasn't just about getting ready for a clinic or is about LIFE....where don't we need to show up with Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance?! Especially when you consider those are areas that you can build not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too!

She also told me that when you have developed your physical, mental, and emotional Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance, it becomes much easier to have Courage!!! 

So where would your goals invite you to build more strength, flexibility or endurance? Which of these is the biggest growth edge for you?

For me, right now, I'd say it's strength...I've gotten too soft, my guides say! In every way! HA!

So I'm going to partner with Charm to focus on building our Strength first, step by step, together, tuned into how our connection is supporting us each step of the way.

I also LOVED her reminder not to get task-oriented, but to stay connection focused- I'd say that's one of the BIGGEST keys to success in every arena of your life- wouldn't you?!

Here's to committing to whatever it will take to reach your goal, all the while focused on the connection to our hearts and to each other!

If you wish, stop by this video on the steps to heart-connection with horse that I did awhile ago as a reminder of how to create that connection, first, before you move onto your day's task!

Author Interview 3: Horse as Guide to your Core Being!

You always knew that horse could lead you to Who You Really Are, right?

Then join me for an interesting exploration of this phenomenon with Carolyn Eberle, founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation in Boulder, Co.

In her chapter of Spiritual Adventures with Horse, Carolyn does an amazing job of showing us how horses have reflected her self-concept from the time she was growing up in a dysfunctional household to the time she discovered how they could lead her to the truth about who she really is- what she calls, Core Being!

Listen in to this powerful journey with Carolyn on our Author Interview page here: Embodying Your Core Being with Horse.

In Carolyn's chapter in Spiritual Adventures with Horses she shares a comprehensive exercise to guide you in embodying your Core Being! Grab your full copy of the e-book, including her special guided exercise here.

Learn more about Carolyn's teaching and training at the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation in Boulder, Co.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 26: The Gift of Purging and Releasing with Horse!

As we've been talking about, healing is like peeling the layers of an onion to reveal your true self, your core being inside. But sometimes we come upon not just the next layer- but a whole reservoir of old energy that needs to be purged! Yikes!

When that happens- sometimes things can feel worse before they get better. And in the throes of that yuck- it's easy to curse the discomfort of emotional pain.

But my Pegasus friend, Horus, has an infinitely better idea...let's listen in....

When you hit a reservoir of pain what is your instinct? To pull away, to run and hide? To wait and hope it goes away? Those are natural instincts to lessen the impact of pain.

But the only way to really release the pain (instead of covering it up) is to lean into it, to delve more deeply into the heart of it and allow it to transform itself. In that case, the sooner you go into the dark, the quicker you'll come out into the light!

To feel it is to heal it.

And so thanks to Horus for the reminder that everything that comes up, is coming up to go OUT!  Which means all that yuck is really a cause for celebration- because once the pain is excavated, it can dissolve in the light of day.

So join me in Horus' challenge to see everything that comes up in the next 6 weeks as a Gift of Releasing the Dark so more Light came flow through you!

What pain do you need to lean into in order to release so you can get squeaky clean? Please share!

Btw- I didn't know too much about Herkimer Diamnonds so I did some researching and apparently they are excellent crystals for releasing and discharging the energy blockages within our energy field! I guess that makes sense why Horus gave me one. Plus, they are great for the crown chakra- which will help support the connection with the Higher Self that the horses have been helping me with. I'm going to go to the rock shop and get one!

Need some help self-healing with the horses? Grab your free report: 5 Steps to Healing with Horses here.  If you find you could use some more personal support in dissolving your own reservoir of pain or reconnecting with your Higher Self, I'm always available for phone coaching sessions, as well as healing with the herd sessions in Denver. Email for more info:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Author Interview 2! Who are YOU with Horses?

Join me for a fascinating discussion with contributor to Spiritual Adventures with Horse e-book, JuliAnne Lynch, founder of EPALA, in Northern Wisconsin. We explore her amazing Dorothy Moment of blessing with a sort-of-wild-herd in Arizona- who encircles her unexpectedly during a run on their home ranch land!

Then discover the equally fascinating world of Equine Archetypes!  Start to explore with us which archetype you embody when you spend time with horses, as Juli shares about her forthcoming book: Who Are You with Horses?

Gallop on over here to listen to the interview!
Juli's chapter in Spiritual Adventures with Horses in which she shares this wild herd encounter is one of my absolute favorite chapters because of Juli's color-ful, poetic narrative that brings the experience to life on the pages in front of you! Grab your full copy of the book, including her special guided breathing exercise here.

Learn more about Juli's work with horses and stay updated about the launch of her equine archetype book- Who am I with Horses? - so you can grab your copy when it becomes available soon at

Day 25: Energy Healing Session Part 2- Dissolving Resistance to Change

So, the next day after my energy healing session with the herd, reconnecting to an aspect of my Higher Self, there was an energetic shift, an opening for change! Yea!

BUT- I didn't take it! Nope- I opted for the same old stuck habit. Grrrrr...

So I brought my resistance to change back to the herd for part two of our energy healing session.

This time Seren helps me dissolve my resistance to change...throughout our session, you can see how she helps me move energy that is stuck in my throat chakra, where it gets lodged and causes me to gag, to the place where I can move it through fully with a big hearty yawn!

So let's tune in and see how the herd works their magic with resistance to change....

Healing is like an onion- you peel back one layer at a time, dissolving the darkness, until you reach your brilliant core. And all along the way, if we are paying attention, our bodies will show us when it's time to dissolve the next layer of darkness.

Sometimes the layers don't go willingly and it takes a few days to work them through!!!

No worries, though. If you stay curious and willing, and keep turning toward the yuck, rather than away, the herd will shepard you through your healing stages, one day, one layer at a time!

Curious about the stages of healing, like an onion? Read more about it here: What It Takes to Heal

Or read about another energy healing the herd offered me- this time by refusing to work! Here: When Your Horse Refusing to Work is a Good Thing.

Schedule some Healing with the Herd time for yourself! Sessions from one hour to 5 days are available, just email me to see how the Herd can help fast-forward your healing journey!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 24: An Energy Healing Session with Horses- Reconnecting with Your Higher Self!

So, I've been resisting a part of my Higher Self for awhile now....sort of like a whiny kid, shouting, "NO, you can't make me!" Which isn't really the best answer to give when your higher self comes calling. Ha!

Thankfully, the Whole Healing Herd came to the rescue today by offering me a self & equine guided, energy healing session and I decided to record the session and share it with you so you can see the healing magic that horses offer humanity!

Horses heal in many ways, some more active, some just looks more passive (like what I will show today).

But even when it doesn't look like they are doing much, Horses are Master Energy Healers. Just like human energy workers, they have the power to help you shift and transform your energy field, when you enter the Sacred Soul Space with the intention to heal with their support.

And, if you are looking closely, they give all sorts of subtle signs that they are working with you, such as yawning, licking & chewing, shaking thier necks, sighing, deep breathing, coughing, etc. All physical confirmations that things are shifting energetically.

So join with me on this journey I took into the Sacred Healing Space with the Herd today....the session took about 30 minutes, so I edited it down to about 12 minutes and I narrated it so you can know what was going on for me and the herd during our silent, healing time together.

What is so amazing about this kind of healing work with horses is that my entire herd will "Drop into the Zone" and pretty much stay there until the work is complete- they barely move for more than 30 minutes.

You can't see the whole herd in this picture, but all five of them are around me and stay that way the entire time. Even the horses who are not directly interacting with me are working with me, supporting the process of energy transformation. They literally work together as a Team to create massive shifts in your energy field.

This session was finally completed with some on-top time with Seren...I knew it was called for- since the horses can often help us really anchor the shifts if we spend some time on top of them.  So I came back with a halter and simply asked, "Who wants to go for a ride?"

Seren rarely offers to ride first. But there she was, answering the request by being the only one to lick and chew. And once haltered, she licked and chewed some more to confirm our decision.

Once on top, she reminded me to use the Sacred Chalice exercise, found in our e-book Awakening Unity with Horse. So from the mounted position, I connected my newly present divine self, with my earth heart, Seren's heart, and Mother Earth, and from there, we dissolved the last remaining vestigages of the old pattern's energy and in it's place, we anchord the energy of Flow.

And as we went for a short walk- we anchored FLOW into every cell and every system, so that by the time this whole healing session was over, in under an hour- no longer was I stuck in the hunkered down energy of doing nothing, but I was plugged into the divine flowing energy of my Higher Self. That's what I LOVE about this work!!!

Anchoring the energy of FLOW
on top of Serendipity

Let me tell you- it is a MUCH nicer place to be! And I thank the herd for helping me to access it and thank myself for showing up to engage the process so I could move to the next step on my own journey. With horses, showing up is half the battle! From there they will work with you to support the process.

Which part of your Higher Self wants to rejoin you? Join with some horses to reclaim your Magnificent Brilliance today!

Here is Seren's energy from today.
If you wish, join with her now,
in your heart, to call in an
aspect of your missing Higher Self!

Don't have any easy access to a horse or herd? No problem, you can use my Journey Ride Guided Healing Meditation to allow the energy of Horse to support you in releasing the old and reclaiming your gifts! Grab you 55 minute, downloadable MP3 copy here: Journey Ride Meditation

Ready for your own Energy Healing Session with the Healing Horse Herd! Visit us outside of Denver Colorado to experience the magical healing offered through the Heart of Horse! Personalized retreats from 1/2 day to 5 days are available to fast-forward your journey to power, passion, purpose, and playfulness! More info: Equi-Quest Healing Retreats

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 23: Grounding Your Visions with Horse!

I don't know about you- but I often forget to ground my energy! Which is a tad bit like running around like a root-less tree!!! Not so easy to not fall flat on your face without your roots!

Horses are masters at staying grounded- which is important if you want to stay energized and manifest your visions for your life.

Let's listen in...

Oops! Battery ran out there..bummer, because I was just about to share with you that because horses, for the most part, are Master Grounders, by being in their energy fields, with the intention to ground yourself, you can more easily access that stable, steady, grounded feeling that will propel you forward with more power than if you stay in your head.

When we are not grounded it's easy to feel tired, overwhelmed, and find that our actions don't result in the success that they should.

So join me and horses today to ground your visions into Mother Earth.

Here's how: Stand or sit, take a few big deep breaths, allow your energy to flow from the top of your head into your feet, bend your knees, sink further into your contact with Mother Earth and feel her supporting your next move with magical grace and ease!

Here's a video I did a while back (oh, when the world was SO green!) showing the steps to grounding with a horse...

Now flow from there and tell me how it goes!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 22: Being the Lion Hearted Leader of your Life!

So today I needed to find more courage to get even dirtier in my life than yesterday! And thanks to a beautiful Lion, who holds the energy of the Heart-Centered Benevolent Leader, I saw how I could embody my power without giving up my sweetness and face any dirty task I need to!

In fact, we got some lessons from all of the Forest Folk today...let's listen in....

Horses want us to find and stand in our full Lion-Hearted Leadership because then we can join them as full empowered partners ready to enjoy a dance of partnership!

Where do you need to lead your life with more Lion-Hearted Leadership? The type that invites others to join you as a partner in creating unity among the forest kingdom (or perhaps in the urban jungle, the family den, or the spousal unit?!)

Where could you embody more of your genuine, authentic power with the rest of your essence to create miracles of Unity? Please share!

If you haven't read my chapter yet in Spiritual Adventures with Horse, you can discover the story of how Charm helped me reclaim my power and use the accompanying exercise to more fully embody your powerful essence! Grab your free excerpt here or click on the image below.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 21: Are You Afraid of Getting Dirty?

Ok, I admit it. I hate the mud. Hate, hate, HATE it! But why? And how am I going to get over it?

Little Man clues me into a bit of Horse Wisdom that reflects what the mud really means to me and where I've been holding myself back. Let's listen in to this 3 year old Equine Genius...

How are you failing to show up in the world with your FULL Brilliance because you might be afraid of falling down or getting dirty? 

Join me in reclaiming your Freedom to slip, fall, and be a glorious muddy mess!

While I've never been a total perfectionist, I do, on occasion, want things to be well, perfect....videoing for the Equi-Heart Pledge has been a wonderful exercise in releasing the need for perfection while still showing up in the world with your gifts because I have no camera help and typically have a limit on the time I can be out with the herd- it's just me and the tripod and the need to get it done in one take.

So I've gotten great practice in saying, "You know what? It's good enough."

What? My hair is sticking straight up in the video? It has to be good enough.
The wind is howling over my voice? Gonna have to be good enough!
I forgot part of what I wanted to share! Well, it's good enough.
The blog acted up and failed to post the video until 5 pm instead of 5 am? Well, good enough.
The horse moves out of the frame or you can only see the tip top of my head!...well, I guess that's better than enough because it's Divine Perfection!

I invite you to discover how you can release the need to be right or perfect or in control...where can you benefit from being good enough? Where can you find freedom to be more of yourself by not being perfect, but simply being Good Enough!? Please share!

Got a Dorothy Moment to share? When did horse transport you to a new world filled with possibility? Write a post or send me a video and I'll share your story with others to uplift the herd! Email to me at 

See more Dorothy Moments on our Book Blog here.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 20: Entering the Sweet Spot of the Pregnant Pause

Once more I found myself plunged into the Void of the Unknown, struggling and squirming in the darkness, only this time Unicorn Wisdom gave me such an Ah-Ha that from this moment forward- there is no more void!

It's been forever replaced by the Sweet Spot found in the Pregnant Pause....let's see how...

I played around with creative expression of the Sweet Spot of the Pregnant Pause so I wouldn't be tempted to forget it's color and energy the next time that charming little Trickster, The Void, trys to woo me!

Here's what my Pregnant Pause looks like...

My Sweet Spot
The Vortex of Fertile Creation found in the Pregnant Pause

What would yours feel like? I invite you to play around and discover it for yourself so you can birth the next miracle on your journey!

What does your Pregnant Pause look & feel like? Please share!
What Wisdom did Horse birth in your today? Please comment and share.

This unicorn wisdom was accessed through the Wisdom Horse Meditation, grab your copy here: Wisdom Horse Meditation

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 19: The Depth of Connection

Today I finally got to ride and Charm, my gorgeous Steed, surprised me when, 10 steps into our little jaunt, she stopped to remind me about what's most important to Horses when we ride....

Find out now...

I loved this reminder that it's the heart connection that matters most to Horse. And couldn't we all benefit from slowing down and noticing our relationship to all that's around us?! When we are in the moment like that- magic happens!

What do you need to slow down and notice? Who do you need to deepen your connection with, even while you ride ahead? Please share!

You might enjoy a couple other fascinating messages from Charm that came while we were out for strolls around the neighborhood- appearently that's her favorite teaching moment! I must be listening then!!!

Blog Post: Do You Need to Forgive the Moment Too?

Blog Post: Is your Perspective Uplifting?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 18: Why You Feel So Great on Top of a Horse!

Since I haven't been able to ride due to the weather, I've been missing my horses terribly- even though they are right in the back yard! Today I asked Seren why that is and she showed me the magical transformation that happens while you sit on the back of a horse!

Let's tune in...

No wonder we love to be with horses- they remind us of our unity with all that is!

In fact, that's the message Spirit Horse Jasper shared in my first e-book, Awakening Unity with Horse- about the Ancient Agreement between Horse and Humanity- they actually agreed to help us remember that we are One with All! How cool is that?!

Do you have a special memory of unity with horse or all that is that came through horses? Please share!

Feel like something is standing between you and Unity with Horse? There might be! Here's one story about how I cleared what was standing between me and bliss with Charm last year!

Blog post: What's Standing Between You and Unity with Horse?

BTW- the Awakening Unity with Horse e-book includes the special Unity with Horse healing meditation I discuss in this blog post (both in the book and as a MP3 guided healing audio)

Curious to learn more about the Ancient Agreement that Horse made to help Humans remember Who They Really Are? Grab your copy of Awakening Unity with Horse. It comes with over 90 minutes of powerful guided audio exercises to help fast-forward your connection with Horse and your Spiritual Journey!

Click here or the picture below to learn more about this exciting book and what industry leaders are saying about it!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 17: Finding Home Again

Serendipity, the wise old sage of my healing herd, caught me off guard today when she whispered something terribly profound to me..something I had almost forgotten but desperately needed to remember...

Let's listen in....

"We're your Home."

Wow. How humble & blessed am I to have a herd who is my heart's home. And to have a healing best friend who will gently remind me when I forget, with the sweetest of horse breath.

Where's your heart's home?
Do you need to spend more time at home in your heart?
What would that mean to you? What would it look like and how would you benefit?

Chances are, you, like me, would flow your Best Self with greater grace and ease, with more joyful exuberance if you gifted yourself with being at Home more often- where ever that is for you!

Have the Equine Adventure of a Lifetime!  If horses are your heart's home, consider gifting yourself with some Healing Herd time by booking an Equi-Quest Healing Retreat! Learn more about these personalized, in-depth healing retreats with horses that are designed to launch you into the next Best Version of Your Magnificent, Heart-Centered Self through empowering, interactive adventures with the Healing Herd outside of Denver, CO. Half day to 5 day retreats designed around your unique equine-inspired vision.  More info here or email me at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 16: The Solution to Getting Your Panties in a Wedge!

Today, I got my panties in a wedge!  I got all worried because, once again, I had to inhabit that uncomfortable space of the UNKNOWN...and I wasn't doing it with so much grace.

But Seren, my no-nonsense Teacher, shows me I have an easy choice to make...

How do you react to being in that space of the UNKNOWN? Trust and faith turn the dark and scary space of not knowing into a light, bright, and airy space of expansiveness!

Join me in lighting the darkness with Trusting Faith! How has trust or faith lighted your way before with horse? Please share!

What did horse share with you today? Please share your Wisdom Horse Gem of the Day! Comment below.


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