Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reclaiming your PERFECTION with the Unconditional Love of Horse

Recently I facilitated a powerful equine-assisted Soul Session which highlighted that some horses are born to do this wonderful work! Many horses love to engage in various aspects of this work. And I am blessed to partner with one special horse who LOVES to do Core Wound work: Frolic.

Frolic is an 11 year old, redheaded QH/TB mare who is a joy to be around. In fact, simply being with Frolic IS healing because she shares her ESSENCE, which is divine, angelic, unconditional Love.

Frolic has a Gift:
She literally wraps a client with the TRUTH of PURE LOVE, so they can recognize that they are WORTHY OF LOVE. She vibrates it for them until they can claim it for themselves and vibrate it from their own center.
Frolic, radiating Unconditional Love

She is the Perfect Partner for Core Wound work, because in this aspect of the work we do here, we're searching to liberate that Inner Child who left behind aspects of her own Essence, when certain needs were not met early on.

All of us have these aspects of ourselves that we turned away from or left behind due to painful events or circumstances in our youth, often with our parents or loved ones. When this happens we adopt and live out certain falsehoods or illusions that then become part of our personalities.

Things like:

I'm not good enough.
I'm not worthy.
I'm not loveable.
I am powerless.
I am flawed.
I can't...

And in Core Wound work, we enter the energy field of the body on an exploratory mission to discover what Aspect of Our True Selves have gone missing.

The body never lies and the horses have a wonderful ability to shine a spotlight on where we are holding these old energies of hurt, lack, and falsehood.

It is through the Doorways of the Body that we can both access the Core Wounds and reclaim our Original Essence. I LOVE this aspect of the work because it is such an honor to watch someone remember Who They Really Are!

It's a bonus that in this method, we really get to leave behind the story and work with the energies and the sensations found in the body-mind. And through the use of Imagination, we can call back in every and all energies which we left behind, until we are FLOWING our ESSENCE.  Then we get to put our Essence into Action with the horses.

It's beautiful to be able to do this work IN THE HERD. Because each herd member knows best which parts of the process they wish to assist with. 

Charm, acting as Spotlight with a client
In our recent session, the client was drawn to our Gorgeous Goddess, Charm, during the initial body scan. And it was clear that Charm was calling directly to her- Charm stood and stared an invitation right at the client, while the other horses had their backs to the woman.

I love how the horses make their roles perfectly clear! This time around Charm chose to be the SPOTLIGHT to highlight what wanted to shift on this day, and as the client stood gently making contact with her, Charm opened the doorway to her body, so the client could FEEL into the pathway that was ready to be transformed today.

As soon as that was complete, Charm wandered off to snack, showing us this aspect of her work was done! Once awareness of the wound was activated, we shifted to the next paddock, where mother-daughter healing pair Frolic and Seren stood ready to offer their assistance.

Frolic made her intentions clear to be the primary "healer" on this day, as she strode right over to the client and wrapped her in a hug, while Seren stood holding the energetic space off in the corner.   Charm continued to help with holding the space over the fence, all 3 of the horses dropped into the zone.

While supported energetically with Unconditional Love by Frolic, through a guided process, the client soon began a dialogue with her 6 yo Inner Child, who easily revealed her Core Wound.

She was angry that all of the adults had been lying to her.

But despite these lies, she still remembered her Truth.

And that Truth was simple:
She was PERFECT just the way she was.

Indeed! Just as we all are!

What a moment to behold in another, that moment when we remember and reclaim that WE ARE DIVINE PERFECTION.

What joy to witness that sassy inner 6 year old, with her arms on her hips, stomping her feet, sashaying around proclaiming her TRUTH! She IS perfect!!! Of course!

Together with Frolic's loving inspiration, we:

Frolic in the Healing Heart Space

 ~ Gave that child a Voice,

 ~ Encouraged her to move her body, and

 ~  Invited her to FEEL what it feels like in the body to KNOW that you are PERFECT.

 And in those moments, the client reclaimed the Energetic Essence of Who Really IS.

 She could now feel the ENERGY of her ESSENCE in her BODY, creating new pathways of felt-belief in the body & brain.

 It was beautiful to note that BOTH Charm and Seren came over and peed right by the client at exactly the same time- helping to release all of that PISSED OFF energy the client had identified. I love those external confirmations of internal shifts!

Once her Perfect Essence was fully FELT and CLAIMED, the client got to experiment with putting her ESSENCE INTO ACTION through moving with Frolic. 

What could she learn by moving in the world carrying her new Essence energies?

She discovered that she was never alone.
That she was safe and protected.
That she didn't need to focus on the past.
That she could move forward.
That she had a voice and could use it to proclaim her truth.
That she could be seen and loved for who she is. 
That she was ready for the next step of attracting a loving man and creating a family.

And above all, that the TRUTH was that she is WORTHY OF LOVE because she is PERFECT just the way she is.

From there, ALL things become possible.

When you claim LOVE from the inside, you radiate LOVE into all corners of your life. And from there, you attract beautiful loving gifts into your life. You no longer feel compelled to act out the opposite scenarios, either!

It was a Blessing to behold the energetic transformation, to celebrate the tearful Soul Shifts which can happen in moments, after carrying wounds for a lifetime.

And all of this, through the HeartLight of one LOVING horse and her herdmates, who wanted to serve by sharing their own ESSENCE to remind us all, that WE ARE LOVE.

THANK YOU Frolic and the herd for reminding us all that we are PERFECT.

And when we claim that inner Perfection, our Light shines through all of the darkness of the world, lighting the way for ourselves and for each other.

Here's to each and all of you being your PERFECT selves as you help to remind others of their PERFECTION through the loving hearts of your horses!

What roles were your horses born to serve?
What aspects of Truth do they love to shine a light on?
Please share in the comments below!

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Magic & Miracles of Manifesting with Horses!

Sometimes we forget that the horses can help us manifest magic and miracles when they are aligned with our soul purpose with the horses. Here is a story to remind you that YOU can create a miracle, by focusing on your Heart's Desire...

If you've been reading this newsletter for awhile or listened to some of the 2015 Tele-Summit, chances are you know that my vision for the past few years has been to create a healing retreat with the horses on the CA coast.

When plans for such a HUGE vision didn't present themselves, I asked myself: What COULD I do?

That little self-coaching question opened up possibilities in my mind.

So, last summer I decided to take two of my horses and stay by the ocean for a month to enjoy the combination of ocean & equine energies. Only I didn't have much of a budget, so I needed a miracle.

Which thankfully showed up in the form of a stranger from the boarding barn I intended to stay at, who invited me to stay with her for FREE. Then she made my dream of riding on the beach possible by helping me trailer the horses there once or twice a week. She was a heaven sent angel, who even cooked and did laundry for me. Talk about being cared & provided for! It was magic, orchestrated by pure intent and the help of the horses in Spirit!

The Bliss of Enjoying Ocean AND Equine Energies!

That time with the horses on the ocean was such a wonderful blessing that this year I made it my intention to go for TWO months! Only, this time I fine-tuned my request to the Universe.

What I really, REALLY, really wanted was to stay ON the beach WITH my horses so we could ride on the beach EVERY DAY.

But here's the catch. As far as I could tell this request was IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I knew it was impossible because I had searched endlessly for such a situation the year before and it simply DID NOT seem to exist.

Nevermind reality, I figured, I would keep asking for WHAT I WANTED.

So, every night for a few weeks this winter, I would go to sleep using the skills I taught in my Passion to Prosperity audio class.

As I drifted off to dreamland, I would repeat a version of this phrase (learned from Christie Marie Sheldon of Unlimited Abundance),
"What would it take to stay ON the beach, WITH my horses, so I can ride on the beach EVERY DAY. Everything in the way of that, please delete, uncreate, and de-story across all time, space, and dimensions." 

But time passed and no opportunities popped into my path. In fact, it was getting to be March and quite frankly, I was becoming ANXIOUS that I had NO place to stay at all, never mind ON the beach WITH my horses.

Clearly, it was time to stop sitting on my butt and put my ESSENCE INTO ACTION. 

So, I waited for a sign that it was the RIGHT TIME to put energy into motion.

After a particularly powerful healing session with one of my favorite intuitive healers, Pam Allen-LeBlanc of Hidden Brook Farm, Canada, I FELT the opening of positive energy that I needed.

So, trembling with nervousness, I MADE myself sit down at the kitchen counter the next day and pick up the phone.  I had a few (very few!) contacts I had made the year before in CA and I intended to just call them all and see what I discovered.

My first call was to Heather Green, one of our lovely teaching facilitators from the Spiritual Healing with Horse series last fall. I felt comfortable calling her because we had done some lovely healing work together in CA last year when she and the horses helped me release some fear. She didn't answer so I left a voicemail and moved on.

I felt less comfortable with the next call, to a woman whom I met briefly last year who runs an adorable little boarding facility ON the dunes. They very rarely ever have any space, but what the heck, it was ON the beach, so I had to try.

She answered and miraculously, right then, she HAD 2 spaces available! But no place to stay. And very little chance that the spaces would be available 4 months from now.  As we chatted, I felt into the energy and asked a lot of questions. All of the answers were NO. This door didn't feel open, so I thanked her and moved on to the next person, Pam.

Pam was a neighbor whom the boarding barn lady had been nice enough to give me the number of last year when I visited. I never did get to meet Pam, but I kept her number tucked away. I had the courage to drive up to her property last year, but I didn't have the courage to knock on her door! So I knew she had horses in her backyard, but that was all I knew.

I felt it took quite a bit of balls to call this stranger out of the blue to say, "Hey, I'd like to find a place to stay for me and my 2 horses this summer, know anything?"  

But dreams often require us to stretch out of our comfort zone, so I sat trembling some more and dialed her number.

Pam answered and we immediately fell into a pleasurable conversation. When I told her I was looking for a place to keep my two horses on the beach, her reply was,

"Yes! I can make room for 2 horses this summer. It's just a 10 minute walk out the back of the property over the dunes to the beach."

View from the Beach Property Where We'll Stay

When I heard her words, I nearly passed out as tingles ran down my spine! WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY?!

As it turns out, she boards a few horses and one of the horses was leaving for the summer, so she had unexpected space for a few months.

Timing was everything. Apparently, another person had called before me and was supposed to get back to her, but she had never called back...and so there was my OPENING.

I took it and got bolder.

I explained that my dream really was to STAY with the horses on the beach and wondered if she knew of anything...the more we talked, the more open she became to the possibilities.

At first, she couldn't think of anything....but the more we amicably chatted, she began to realize that maybe she could make room for me in the house, in her granddaughter's room. Then she remembered that she has an RV hooked up outside and she OFFERED it to me.

Both the cost of boarding AND the RV were UNDER my modest BUDGET even!!!! How does it get better than that?!

Being able to ride on the beach EVERY DAY from here!

When I got off the phone, I had an episode of the Divine Giggles.

I skipped around the room, shouting, "REALLY?! Really, it's THAT easy?!?!"

3 little phone calls was ALL it took to arrange my "impossible" dream!

HA! And the cutest irony was that I had the answer in my hand the whole time! I had Pam's number since last summer, just sitting there, waiting for perfect timing, and the COURAGE to act on it.

When I spoke with Pam to confirm details the following week, she said what I KNEW was a message from my Horse Angels, she said, "I think it's so cool to help make another person's dreams come true!"

That was IT, I KNEW beyond a doubt that the Universe had my back. 

"Help Me Make My Dream Come True" was the headline on my flyer that attracted the wonderful angel I stayed with the first year. And now, another angel was responding to the same vibration of Heart-Felt Dreams.

"Yes! Sometimes we need each other to make our dreams come true," I told Pam, as I thanked her for being my angel this time around.

I allowed this HUGE feeling of UNIVERSAL SUPPORT to flow all over me and into every cell and every system. I asked myself to REMEMBER this moment when I feel small, alone, and filled with doubt because here was more PROOF that we are never alone and there are always universal forces conspiring to help us!

And so, it REALLY CAN be that EASY! Even for the impossible, improbable, far-fetched dreams YOU have too.

It might even be as easy as 3 phone calls, ONCE you get your blocks out of the way!

Gem and Jenn enjoying the CA beach

When what you DESIRE is truly on your SOUL's PATH, the horses and your angels and guardians WILL help you manifest it.

Here are the steps:

1. Tune into your heart's desire and get super clear about your intention, feel it in your body.

2. Keep clearing your blocks: all the fears, doubts, lacks, and limitations which keep your desire from flowing to you.

3. Wait for inspired Divine Timing and TAKE ACTION while the energy is flowing positively. Very little drops into our laps without taking some action on our part. In this case, I HAD to make the phone calls.

4. Follow the Bread Crumbs of Inspiration until the door opens to your Dream. Keep following the clues. Notice where the energy ends and notice where it opens, keep putting one step in front of the other so the energy is ACTIVE and moving you toward your vision.

5. Be grateful for each step of the way, knowing the Universe and the Horses are helping you experience your dream, one step at a time.

Let us know what the horses have helped YOU manifest through Magic & Miracles! Leave a comment below!

Need some help Manifesting Your Own Magic & Miracles? Here are a few resources:

~ It is through using the skills I teach in my 2-part From Passion to Prosperity audio class that I was able to create a CLEAR INTENTION and keep dissolving my BLOCKS. You can use these skills to get out of your own way and create miracles too. LINK to Class, only $30

~ It was the entire Unlimited Abundance audio program with Christie Marie Sheldon which originally dissolved a ton of my money blocks:

Sometimes we need a little help to create the positive energy or information that clears the pathway for our miracles, here are three excellent intuitive guides and healers who have helped me on my own path, all have been teachers for our series. If you connect with them, tell them I sent you along!

~ Pam Allen-LeBlanc of Hidden Brook Farm, Canada. You can listen to her FREE class on Energy Attunements for Horses which we hosted last Fall.

~ Heather Green of Teal Healing, California. You can download her teaching session as part of the 2014 Spiritual Healing with Horse tele-series, she teaches energy clearing and healing techniques to use for yourself, your clients, and your horses!

~ Kali Crosby of Animal Listening, Colorado, one of my favorite animal communicators, if you want some guidance from your horses about your Soul Path!!! One of her favorite things to share with you is WHAT YOU ARE A HEALER OF, the topic of her teaching session in the 2014 TeleSummit.

Co-Creating from your DESIRE: The Parting Message of the 2015 Summit

Every year at the end of the Summit, I tune into the Healing Herd to see what they want YOU to take away. All week the horses have been clamoring to share this with you.

"YOU are a magnificent Co-Creator who came here down here to this wonderful playground to remember how to manifest your heart's desire. We, the horses, have agreed to play alongside you, in hopes of helping you remember that you are in charge of your creation.

We have called YOU forth, specifically, because we agreed to play together. First, in service of helping you to remember. And then second, to help those around you remember that they too can create from joy and expansion.

Sure, you can create from the dark, dense, heavy places that restrict you. But you won't much enjoy what you create. Still, sometimes that is a necessary phase, so you can very clearly see what you DON'T DESIRE.

From there, it's easy to get clear on what you DO DESIRE.

But the trouble is, once you've created what you DON'T DESIRE, it's easy to get fooled into focusing on what you don't like. Heck, it's ALL around you, right?

But, here's the trick: it's ONLY there to REMIND YOU of what you DO WANT.

So, if you will make the conscious choice to notice what you don't want, and use that noticing to then focus on what you DO want, you will be on the hot trail to creating your Heart's Desire.

And so, we, the horses, ask you to become EXPERTS at noticing what you don't like, and then creating the FEELING STATE of what you do desire.

You DO have that ability, you know! To manufacture your own feeling state moment to moment, by choosing your focus.

When you take back your power to choose your feeling state, you remember that you are FREE to create.

You can choose anything at all.
You can choose to feel depressed and hopeless.
You can choose to feel stuck.
You can choose to feel limited and constricted and restricted.

Of course, we'll stand by you as you make your choice and gently nudge you to consider alternatives, such as...

You can choose peace.
You can choose joy.
You can choose expansion.
You can choose freedom.

Now, we LOVE when you choose those states, because those are delicious to partner with you in!

But either way, we SEE you and we love you, and we'll patiently wait for however many rounds of this dark & light game you want to play.

But we do invite you to join us in the Light. Because when you consciously, consistently choose the Light, soon you will be flowing bright, light, compassion, joy and gratitude and from there, things you DO DESIRE will flow and float right into your life.

Once you become this Beacon of Light, you will be able to shine the way for others to become their own Beacons. And so one by one, you can turn the lights on in hearts all over the world.

This is our wish. And this is why horses have come into your lives this time around. So that together we can shine the HEARTlight of LOVE across the globe.

Now, as ever, is the BEST time to make this choice, this commitment to turn your own Light on, because when you shine brightly, those who are in the darkness will gravitate toward you, and you will be able to share your Light with them. You and the horses will be able to help them remember HOW to turn on their own light, by choosing to FEEL GOOD, no matter what.

Of course, we are happy to help you clear what blocks your light so you can more easily choose to feel good. So come to us, daily if you can, and bit by bit, with your conscious intention, we will clear your heart, so that you radiate a LOVE that can heal the world.

And then all souls will be FREE to PLAY together, in joyous co-creation of our Heart's Desire. We leave you with the POWER to CHOOSE."

In celebration of your Heart-Felt Choice,
The Healing Herd Collective