Pledge E-Workbook

Ready to Make the Most of Your Equi-Heart Pledge?

If you're anything like me, you get excited every time you gain a new insight from your horses, but 30 minutes later, you've forgotten it! So you never get around to applying it to your life and watching the miracles grow!

This PDF E-Workbook is designed to help you gain the most from your time spent with horse during the Equi-Heart Pledge. By answering the 5 Daily Questions, you'll have a record of all of the wisdom, guidance, and healing Horse is offering to you.

As you know, wisdom is only useful if you apply it to your life! By having a written record of your journey with horse, you'll be able to track and apply all of the yummy guidance horse is offering to you- ensuring you begin living the life your heart desires right now!

Plus, you'll be guided to set an intention before you begin and you'll review your progress at month's end. And all along the way, you'll be inspired by equine photography of the Healing Herd at the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch- whispering their motivation to you!

Grab your copy and start your Pledge today! It's priced at only $3.33 so everyone can have this useful tool to transform their lives!

Or Buy it Together with the *Wisdom Horse Meditation*and Save! Only $6 for both! More info on the mediation here.

With both tools, you'll be totally prepared to make the most of your Equi-Heart Pledge!

Visit the E-Workbook's page to make your selection now: