Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Power of Proof: Learning to Trust your Truth

Adults don't believe in fairy tales, do they? Well, maybe they should. Because MAGIC does exist, it's all around you. It flows through your heart, in moments when you open, invite, and allow.

Best yet, the horses know this and will, in some least suspecting moment, transport you to all sorts of magical places.

But still, we doubt. 

This is a story for all the Doubters. Because even I still have a Inner-Doubt Demon. And you probably do too.

And what the mind wants most is PROOF. So that we can trust the messages coming from our deepest Truth.

Occasionally we are gifted with Moments of Proof. This was one of those moments, gifted straight from the heart of horses.

Shall it invite you to Trust Your Truth?


So many magical moments occurred while I was hanging on the beach with my best friend Seren last summer. Primarily because I was without agenda.

Open to be lead. Willing to feel into the spaces between the breath.

This is where magic happens, when you Open, Invite, Allow.

The Partnership of Co-Creation
In fact, on this particular day, I had not specifically Invited. Yet my whole life that summer was one big Invitation, and so Seren swung wide the door of Opportunity and ushered me through.

The open door felt like a massive wave of emotion. Sudden sobbing tears, out of nowhere, sprung from the silence of simply standing and breathing together, amidst a backdrop of beauty.

Actually, I was surprised by the sudden ferocious emotion, and asked Seren, "Huh?!"

"Go deeper into it, what do you feel," was her expert reply.

"Grief!" Oh sobbing grief, as another layer of it washed through me from head to toe.

About what? I wasn't sure.

Frankly, it was a little embarrassing, as casual passerbys wanted to come say hello to the girl with a pretty horse on the beach.

But I shooed them away and stuck with it, as Seren counseled, "Where do you remember feeling this before?"

"Camelot!," was the first surprising answer to flow out of my awareness, as the sobs deepened.

I stood still on the beach next to Seren, as she pulled closer to support me, and let the waves upon waved of grief flow through me.

For what was.
For what wasn't.
For what was no longer.

In essence, for the beauty of an Ideal that became tarnished by human fragility before it became fully lost. 

Camelot. Atlantis. Lemuria. Ancient Egypt. All places where humanity was experimenting with bringing the divine into human form. All places that extinguished themselves by becoming out of control...

And yet as the tears ebbed and my heart became still, the opening came, the knowing that here we are again, trying once more to co-create a New Earth, another opportunity to embody Love as our Deepest Truth.

With that awareness, as I opened my eyes, Seren began tugging on the lead rope, leading me toward The Rock, into the flows of people on the beach.

Let me be clear here. We NEVER walked in this direction.
Seren taking me toward the Rock

I never felt it was smart to wade into the unknown masses of people while holding a horse. So NOT even once before had we ventured in this direction.

But I allowed her to lead me forward, past the Past into a New Future.

Strolling together, soon, we came to a small castle made in the sand, nothing fancy, but AH-HA: A tiny Camelot in the sand!!!

This was the first sand castle I had seen in my 6 weeks at the beach.

I laughed out loud at the PROOF my doubting mind needed that I was experiencing grief from a distant time & place.

But Seren didn't stop there, she kept pulling me in the direction of The Rock, through more & more people.

I began wondering if we should continue, when the people in front of us parted to reveal: Another Castle!

This one bigger, fancier, more complete than the one before: 
The New Camelot!!!
Seren showing me the New Camelot!

I laughed even harder, and more tears, gentle this time, graced my face. I was touched by the realization that it was Pure Genius flowing through Seren that had her lead me to even more tangible PROOF.

What more proof does a doubting mind need than 2 sand castles, brought to me, very specifically, through Horse!!!

Well, I laughed out loud some more at my dear friend Seren, who knew exactly how to focus my attention on the hidden feelings. And then exactly how to affirm the message, that yes, it's time for us all to build the New Earth, the New Camelot- a version of Heaven on Earth that is fueled by Love.

And for that we need to release all the old grief hidden within our cells.

The Guinevere card I was
unknowingly drawn to
And then as if more proof was needed, I was reminded of more serendipity, more synchronicity.

Back at the very beginning of this trip, Greg & I visited a gift shop and I was drawn to a card of a sparkling princess holding a hawk.

I bought it and put it on my altar in my little RV by the Sea before I turned it over and realized it was a depiction of, you guessed it: Guinevere.

As in Arthur & Guinevere of Camelot.

Of course, my given name Jennifer is a version of the name Guinevere!

More proof for the doubting demon!

And so, the time has come.
Will you: 
Dare to Invite your Truth?
Dare to Allow your Truth?
Dare to Accept your Truth? 
And Dare to Speak your Truth?
Your Truth Shall Set you Free.
 Go forward and
Be the Magic
Flowing Forth

into the World
that Invites others to
Celebrate their Own
Beautiful Truth
of Love

Share: What is one of your hidden Truths right now? Please speak it below in the comments.


Although I had never consciously felt an affinity for the Legend of Camelot, the horses have been uncovering my awareness of Camelot for many years. You can read the story where I first became aware of the connection to Camelot through my horse Charm, who invited me to re-discover my Power in my chapter from our e-book: Spiritual Adventures with Horse.

Grab your chapter free here: Reclaiming My Power Through Horse

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Invisible Obstacles to Growth, Part 1 & 2: Unseen Energetic Influences Keeping you Stuck

Often it's UNSEEN energetic influences that are holding you, your healing herd and your clients hostage, usually without your awareness!

Take a peek at two aspects of Invisible Obstacles highlighted in the videos below.

Then join us in a HOW-TO Tele-class to learn how to dissolve these barriers to being your Brightest Self and helping your horses and clients be their Boldest, Biggest versions of themsleves as well!

Or listen to our free Education Call and grab your Resource List by visiting the link below.

TeleClass: Wed Dec 16th, 7pm Mountain.
Listen, more info & register here, Invisible Obstacles to Growth

Videos- Part 2: Physical Contagion

If you're a fan of Linda Kohanov's books, you've heard of the effects of Emotional Contagion, but it happens on the physical level too! Discover more in this video example.

What emotional or physical symptoms have you "caught" from other people or animals? Or have they caught from you! Please share a comment below!

Videos- Part 1: The Importance of Clearing Unseen Influences in Horses (& Humans!)

When have energy cords, other people's unresolved energies or entities made you, your horses, or your clients STUCK? Please share in the comments below.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Are you a Heart-Opener?: The Ripple Effect that Awakens the World

Today was a profound moment for me. One of those "jolt you out of complacency" types of days that can redirect your whole life. Thanks of course, to a special horse, who has a deeply important message, not just for me, but for YOU, and the person next to you, and everyone, everywhere.

A wonderful horse Carson wants you to know why you are here, so that you can live your purpose, and help other people, and other horses, live theirs as well.  And by doing so, we can all UPLIFT the whole-wide world!

Discover this empowering message through the video or blog post below.

In the video you will see that Carson is a bit cramped in the small space we were using to try to avoid wind noise (and he wants to be snacking with the other horses too). But I bet you'll still find his behavioral affirmations of my verbal message intriguing! 

This isn't a short post/video, so grab a cup of tea and settle in for a splendid reminder of how YOU are meant to make a difference in the world TODAY!

How do Carson's messages impact you? Please share in the comments below.


Access to this profound insight started unsuspectingly, when I went down to feed the horses lunch. I almost walked right past Carson in his paddock, as I most often do, preferring to think of him as "my husband's horse."

But he walked purposely toward me and for some silent reason, I bent through the fence and entered his pen to say hello, which frankly, I rarely do. But thankfully, today there was a magnet pulling me towards a Message and it's Gift.

Carson's magnetizing pull!

Carson, is an older gelding that we inadvertently "rescued" last year when the lady we had him on a week's trial from refused to take him back and kept our deposit. It was somewhat of an ugly situation, when this horse who was advertised as a "fancy, totally sound schoolmaster," showed up to our place 150 pounds underweight, with not a sound leg on him.

After over $1500 in vet bills and attempts to help this horse be sound, we had to admit defeat and realize that the best we could do was make him more comfortable, which we did, to the best of our ability.

So at 21 years of age, I kept having the nagging doubt that we should find Carson a new home, maybe a full retirement home, because he really couldn't do what we got him to do in the first place (be my husband's baby level eventing schoolmaster), and keeping him comfortable was an expensive proposition.

So I walked into Carson's pen that day overwhelmed with doubts.  And yet, he was finally blossoming here. 

Carson, wise wizard

There was no doubt that Carson was a stoic horse who spent his life in show barns, being expected to toe the line. And toe the line he did, doing as he was expected, quietly without much complaint, as so many horses do.

But frankly, by the time he came here, he had tuned out. Shut down. Not expecting much from humans except being told what to do. He was standoff-ish and remote. Though he did go through the motions...keeping Greg safe.

Honestly, he didn't know what to do in a place like ours, it was disorienting to him, all of this consideration:
"Carson, how are you?"
"What do you need?"
"What's your preference?"
 "What would help?"

These weren't things he was accustomed to considering, so he appeared to shut them out.

Apparently though, another process was going on underneath that steely exterior. Over the 7 months of us offering him our gentle & thoughtful care, he began to brighten. And over the last few weeks, I had noticed a clear change. He was more open to interaction. He showed more interest in us. He was now seeking out attention and appearing to actually enjoy, instead of just tolerate, affection.

He had rounded a corner. He had become emotionally available. But I was just about to find that he has SO much more to offer. 

Offering Soul Contact

And so I stood with Carson for a quiet moment that day in his paddock. And an unexpected thing started to happen. He started to offer his thoughts, while enveloping me in healing energy, for the very first time ever!!!

Sensing my ongoing doubts about his future, he started the first conscious conversation that we'd ever had with, "You know I'd really like to stay here."
"I've learned so much more here in a short time than I ever did in all of those fancy barns," he continued, as he started to do what I had NEVER seen him ever do- start clearing my chakras.

He moved around me naturally, like any healing horse, and begun using his mouth and head to move stuck energy off of me, as if showing me all he had learned.

He repeatedly hit his head lightly on my stomach and dragged it up my body, working on shifting my lower chakras, causing me to take big, cleansing breathes.

 "I still have more I want to learn here, and more to offer, too," he continued, as he moved forward and back over my body, repeatedly placing his nostrils over my hands to move energy.

 "And you opened my heart!," he shared, as he moved to place his heart directly in front of me, his neck hovering over my head, inviting me to move in for a heart-hug.

Carson, placing us heart to heart

"You're a Heart-Opener, you know that right?," he spoke, as I burst into tears from the heart energy that flowed now, from him to me.

"It's just part of your Presence. It's part of what happens for people when they are around you," he explained.

"And you all underestimate the difference that this makes!," he explained, as he showed me the Ripple Effect that happens when just one Being, Human or Horse, opens their heart, it expands outward to everyone THEY then meet. 
"And so imagine, even if you help to open just ONE Being's heart, all the good that does for the world!"
The Ripple Effect of an Open Heart

"But now imagine, opening 10 people's hearts, or a 100, or even a 1000!!!

You have NO IDEA the amazing effect that has on the transformation of the world!," he almost shouted in my ear, as he stuck my fingers further up his nose.

Carson shifting energy through my hands
I was crying in earnest now, feeling the impact of the Truth of his words and the beautiful vision it inspired, knowing that each and every one of US, all of the facilitators with horses, are Heart-Openers, as are our healing herds.

But Carson wasn't even done yet. He still had more wisdom to share!

As he continued to nip & nudge energy off of my head, my hands, and my back, he spoke, "Not only do you humans underestimate the power of opening hearts, you forget a simple truth..."

He moved so that we were standing next to each other, facing the horizon, looking forward, "You forget the basic principle, that whenever two or more join hearts, there is a magnification of what is possible."

Then he showed me a magnificent & powerful picture, "When humans create these spaces, such as a ranch or healing center, where ALL of the beings have open hearts and work together, their hearts begin to beat in unison, and the coherence of their heart energy gets sent out into the world."

This collective Healing Heart Energy transforms the world by offering an invisible, but powerful frequency for others to join with:
The Essence of Love.

Carson reflected, "You all may never be directly aware of the impact this emission that You and your Herds create, but it is REAL and it MATTERS."

This energetic offering has an immeasurably beautiful effect all over the planet, especially as more and more groups of beings are offering a similar loving vibration to the Collective.

What happened next was even more unexpected.

Carson solemnly asked if he could be activated as an Official Heart-Opener of the Happily Ever After Herd. He wanted to consciously be a part of the herd's collective emission, from this point forward.

Activating Carson's brow chakra

How could I refuse such a request!

Although I didn't know that it was technically needed, the recognition seemed important to him, and so I laid hands to anoint his Holy Heart as a welcome gift to the Loving Vibration that comes from this piece of land and the beings upon it, out to the cosmos.

Wow! I was awed by this wonderfully wise horse who had emerged from a hardened shell.

Later that day, as a result of his healing gifts I was able to access a feeling of freedom in my body that I had not felt in quite some time. It was delicious! Over the next few days I noticed that all of my "burdens" no longer felt heavy. It was as if there was a soothing blanket over all of my world and suddenly there weren't "problems" to be solved. There was just peace. It was quite a juicy shift in perspective!

As I reflected more on my time with Carson that day there were profound reminders, including the following realizations:

~ I had never consciously intended to heal Carson's heart. I never laid healing hands on him. We never did healing processes together. He wanted me, and all of us, to understand that healing can happen by simply being in the Presence of an Open and Loving Heart. You do not always have to DO to have an affect on others, you can simply BE and create openings for change in those around you! You can open hearts- without ever uttering a word!!!!

~ I had not done much healing work around Carson during his stay here either. He learned everything he "performed" on me that day, by osmosis from being around my herd of other horses who are healers. Your horses are helping each other all the time! ANY horse who opens his heart and has an interest, can become a healer.

~ Never underestimate the power of your vibrationary offering to the planet, with you and your horses!!! We had not been consciously doing much energy, ritual, healing, or ceremony work on our property during the time Carson was with us. AND STILL he was showing us that due to the space we had created at the ranch, with our previous conscious intent, together with our herd, we were STILL OFFERING a TRANSFORMATIVE vibration to the planet.  When that small voice of doubt creeps in that you are not good enough, not helping enough people, not creating enough change, TRUST that you are doing WAY more than you ever imagined to help the whole world SHIFT!

~ Of course, whenever we bring conscious intent to any of our offerings, it is strengthened, and so can we find ways to join together with our horse/herds and consciously send our combined hearts LOVE out to the Universe, even in quiet times when we have fewer clients or programming?!

And so the horses invite you to own your magnificence as a Heart-Opener, on all levels. And to join with them as Heart-Openers in horse bodies, so that together the Light of your Hearts, may transform the dark into Light all over the world.

Please share: How have the horses opened your heart? How have they opened the hearts of others? How has that created a ripple effect in the world? Please leave a comment and share!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gratitude for Grace!: Angelic Assistance for Your Infinite Well-Being

Sometimes we feel alone, like we have to make everything happen. Like it's all up to us. But the truth is: The Universe has your back! We only have to ask and the help & support we need is available to us.
We can be the recipients of Grace!
I love reminders that we have Guardians watching over us, helping to ensure all is well, helping us to create our dreams.

Reminders are good, because, well, we all forget, and we all have doubt. I share one such story of Angelic Intervention to remind YOU that you are Infinitely Supported in All you Are and All you Do with your Herd of Heavenly Horses.


I used to be able to drive a truck and horse trailer all over without worry. Then, years ago when I moved across country with a horse in tow, I had one of those near-misses on an isolated, icy stretch of highway in Kansas. The trailer fish-tailed in a snow storm and pushed the truck all over the road. Nothing I did made any difference.

I saw my life flash before my eyes, as my truck pivoted 180 degrees to face on-coming traffic, finally coming to a halt. Thankfully, the traffic in that lane, seeing the impending disaster, had come to a stop and we were safe. I'm sure I had some guardian angels back then! But I wasn't aware of such things at the time.

Following that incident, I never really felt safe trailering again. I was always nervous. After I learned about energy healing and archangels, every time we loaded up the horses to take them on an outing, I always invoked Archangel Micheal to watch over our trip. Supposedly one of Archangel Micheal's duties is to watch over travels. So I figured, what the heck, it can't hurt.

As I start down the road, out loud, I say something like this (composed from a variety of energy books and trainings. Feel free to make up your own invocation.),

"I ask that Archangel Micheal watch over this trip to ensure our safety and protection.

I ask that a golden shield of safety & protection wrap around the whole truck and trailer and that a special shield be placed at the front of the truck, at the back of the trailer, and on the coupling of the truck & trailer. I ask that teams of angels be assigned to all of the tires and the brakes.

I also ask that each horse be assigned a team of Safety angels to ensure that each horse stays calm, comfortable, and safe. I ask that each horse be wrapped in golden bubble wrap to ensure their safety.
I also ask that a team of angels be sent ahead of our vehicle to ensure a smooth trip, filled with grace and ease."

Whew! It's a mouthful and kind of a lot to ask! But I do it faithfully, every time we start down the road, even after we've just stopped for gas. (I even do a similar, but shorter version when I get on a horse to ride).

My trip to CA this summer was no different. Admittedly, I was a tad of a nervous wreck, a lot can happen with 2 horses over three days and 1200 miles. So I asked AA Micheal to be along for the ride.

Little did I know that the Angels would orchestrate a way to SHOW us just how supported we really are.

It occurred on the trip back home from CA. During the first overnight leg, my husband Greg and I stopped at a closed gas station, in the middle of NOWHERE Utah, at 3:30 am.

Seren stretching her legs in the middle of the night

The place was deserted- which was perfect, because we always like to find a safe place to unload 22 yo Seren, so she can stretch her legs during the long hauls.

We had purchased an older slant load trainer for this trip since it was easier on old Miss Seren and the trailer had fancy lights! Lights inside the trailer and outside the trailer, which made taking the horses out and reloading in the dark, a little easier.

These lights, which were new to us, seemed like pure luxury. And I remember being grateful for them as I walked Seren around the parking lot of the gas station.

This particular stop took us longer than usual. More like 45 minutes, with those lights on the whole time, while the truck was not running. Once we loaded Seren back up and were ready to go, I decided to run across the street to use the restroom in the gas station that was open.

Greg was supposed to meet me over there with the trailer, but he was still parked when I got out of the bathroom. As I made my way across the street and parking lot, I barely heard him shout, "The truck won't start!"

"What?!" I shouted back.

"The battery is dead!." he shouted as I made my way across the deserted parking lot.

At just that moment, I sensed the movement of a truck coming out of the shadows to my right. He proceeded to drive slowly right in front of me.

With a lack of hesitation uncharacterisitc for me in these types of situations (I usually think things through!), I jumped forward and flagged the man in the truck down and asked for a jump start.

He said, "Sure, I'll try."

As he drove his truck over to our truck, I asked Greg if he had some jumper cables to which he replied "No."

WHAT THE HECK! Totally unprepared on a cross country trip!?!

So I asked the driver if he had some and he said yes. As he hopped out of his truck, I asked him what he did and he said, "I'm a truck mechanic."

WHAT?! What's the chance?!

So with a fancy little machine designed especially to jump trucks, he got our truck started easily in under 2 minutes!

Feeling ridiculously grateful, I tried to offer him what little cash we had on hand when he finished, but he refused, saying, "I can't accept any payment, I was right here."

So, in no time flat, we were pulling out of the gas station on to the rest of our overlight leg to Grand Junction, with basically, NO INCONVENIENCE at all.

I was seriously ecstatic!!! Giggling with glee.

Because as I thought about it, if even one thing, ONE tiny thing, was even slightly off, by even 30 seconds, we likely would have been delayed an hour or more waiting for help in the middle of nowhere Utah in the middle of the night, with anxious and tired horses.

~ If I had spent 30 seconds more in the bathroom...
~ If I had hesitated to find out more info when Greg shouted across the parking lot...
~ If that man had not chosen that exact moment to drive from behind the building out of nowhere...

If, If, If....if ANYTHING had been even slightly different, we would have missed our ANGEL.

But that's how angels work- you are guided to be in just the place at just the right time for the help you need. So I giggled and giggled, feeling GREAT, knowing how much love and support I have.

Now of course, my husband the accountant and eternal skeptic said, "Well, if they were really watching out for us, why did they let it happen in the first place? Why didn't they have us turn off the lights?"

To which I replied- because THEN we wouldn't realize how supported we are!!!!

Sometimes we need PROOF that the Universe has our back. And once we have those little reminders, we can feel GRACE all around us.

When I got home, I shared this story with a few close friends and everytime I shared it, both me and my friend would feel the TINGLES.  For me, those tingles were further confirmation that indeed, miracles were at work in that instance, increasing my gratitude.

So, here's to the GRACE of our Guardians and knowing that by requesting help and support from an Infinite Universe, that we will always be guided to our Greatest Good.

A beautiful sunrise after a long night of hauling the trailer.

The world is a Magical Place. Call forth your own Magic and let it De-Light you when it shows up!

Please share: When have you been witness to Angels, Guides, Grace or Miracles that helped you out around the horses?! How do you like to request assistance from the Universe? Please comment below!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Call for Submissions: 2016 Healing with Horses TeleSummit

We are now taking submissions for those who wish to contribute to the 4th annual Healing with Horse Tele-Summit to be held in early March 2016.

The TeleSummit is a yearly online, Tele-Teaching Event specifically for those who offer equine-assisted work. During the TeleSummit, equine facilitators teach a concept, activity or process that other equine facilitators can use in their own equine sessions, for themselves or their clients.

We are looking for *fresh topics* to share with our global community of passionate equine-assisted facilitators!

To submit your topic for consideration, please consider the following.This is a TELE-TEACHING event and we are passionate about teaching others things they can use to empower and expand their healing practice with horses. 

We are most interested in working with people & topics that can provide the following:

~ Your suggestion must be an aspect of equine work that can be TAUGHT to others on the phone in about 1.5 hours.  It must include a USEABLE concept, activity, or process that others can play with right away in their own sessions.

~ We prefer your willingness to include some experiential process that we can DO on the call so that listeners are invited not just to learn, but to shift while tuning in to the session! Depending on your topic, this "exercise" can just be a short practice that is somehow related to your main topic (it does not have to be the main topic).

~ You must be willing to engage in at least 1, pre-recording planning session via phone to go over your topic to ensure the best possible tele-teaching session!

~ You must be able to provide a *detailed* outline of your planned presentation at the time of recording.

~ You must be willing to prepare a detailed HANDOUT of the pertinent processes/concepts of your presentation so that listeners can easily learn.

~ You must be able to provide a written bio and bio picture for inclusion on the website.

~ You must be willing to meet your own deadlines (the ones you select!). :)

~ Our free event ONLY grows by word of mouth, so you must be willing to raise awareness about the Tele-Summit to your own contacts/list at LEAST 2x before your session goes live. 

** Please note: NONE of these things are required in order to submit your subject- they are only required should you be selected to participate as a teacher in the TeleSummit)

BENEFITS of Being a Contributing Facilitator

Please note that there is *no direct monetary compensation* for your contribution as a teacher. However, there are many benefits to your participation which include:

~ You will receive EXPOSURE to our unique, targeted, niche-specific global audience, raising awareness about your work and generating interest in your offerings.

~ You will have your own webpage on our website and you are encouraged to make an offer at the end of your session, as well as offer free give-aways, to grow your own list and fill your own programs.

~ You will receive a FREE copy of this year's Tele-Summit for your own learning pleasure.

~ You may have the opportunity to earn income by becoming an affiliate for the sold-sets of the Tele-Summit, earning a percentage for every set that sells from someone on your own list.

~ Of course, most importantly, you receive the intrinsic reward of giving-back to your community, knowing you are inspiring others and serving the horses along the way, creating a wave of change to uplift the world!!!!


If you are excited to share an interesting and powerful process from your own Equine Work that you think other facilitators would benefit from AND you are able & willing to participate in the above ways, please submit your general topic suggestion by emailing Dr. Jenn at

***Only a short general description of your proposed topic is needed. Details are welcome, but are not needed at this time. 

*** VERY IMPORTANT: Please put "2016 TeleSummit Submission" on your Email SUBJECT line, otherwise, your submission might get missed.

However, sooner is better! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Showing Up: Slowing Down to Stillness to Receive the Gifts of Horses

How often do you SHOW UP for yourself, with the horses?!

One of the most beautiful and repeated Gifts I received from my time with the horses on the coast this summer was a reminder that if we show up in an OPEN & RECEPTIVE state, the horses very often have something that they want to offer us.

But frequently, we show up so busy DOING things with the horses, or orchestrating for others to DO with the herd, or THINKING things while with the horses, or PLANNING things for the group… 

Basically, we generally show up in some way other than being wide-openly PRESENT and STILL in the moment.  

This is generally such a habit that we often miss the juicy opportunities that the horses are ready to GIFT us with. 

In the Stillness: Receiving Gifts from Seren

Even when I didn’t think I had anything to “work on,” I discovered again and again this summer, that if I showed up and simply opened into Present Moment Awareness, becoming very quiet and still, the horse would begin a process with me, knowing exactly what was next most helpful.

This happened just as often with my own personal healing horse, Serendipity, as it did with a new healing horse friend whom I discovered through this very process at the barn.

It was a powerful reminder of all of the wondrous Gifts of Transformation that are awaiting us in every moment, when we choose to Show Up!

Self-Coaching Questions: How often are YOU gifting yourself that opportunity with the horses?

What keeps you from creating that Space for your Self to blossom?

What could change so that you regularly gave yourself that Gift so that the horses could offer YOU their support on your journey, so you can become an ever more Magnificent facilitator?!

For me, I discovered that nighttime was a magical time to gift my Self the space. I made a new horse friend at the barn, Jetson, who had never been seen for who he truly was before.

Hanging with Jetson
Honestly, he was a little depressed that he was going underappreciated in his Golden Years.  No one around him knew he had healing gifts to offer.  

Likely no one in his life beforehand had ever been STILL in his Presence.

By simply becoming silent and still and present with him, he began to show me Who He Was. And soon, he began to freely offer me transformative energy.

His favorite way to shift energy with me was to stick all of my fingers up his nose! When he did this, I could feel him drawing stuck energy out of my heart, down my arm, and out of my fingers. He did this EVERY time we were together! He also loved to turn his rump toward me and offer me energy from his lower chakras.

This horse was SO grateful to finally be able to offer his Gifts that he never, not once, walked away from me, sometimes continuing an impromptu session over the fence for 45 minutes or more.  This became somewhat of a nightly ritual for a few weeks and on nights when I decided not to show up in that space, he’d still wait by the fence and offer his Presence. 
We fell in love that way, each of us seeing each other for who we really were, sharing the transformative Gifts of our Shared Presence.

With my own beloved Serendipity, it most often happened after our short rides on the beach. Once dismounted, we would stand together, sometimes for 2 hours on the beach, simply in Presence, with nothing to “do” but enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. It was that Space which opened the doorway for her to offer me many Gifts (I’ll share a few such gifts in coming editions!)

Standing in Sacred Space with Seren on the beach

When all was said and done, I marveled at it all, realizing that it couldn’t have happened if I never slowed down enough to get silent and Show Up.  

So, the horses and I invite YOU to find some ways to Show Up with them, for YOU. 

Shall you discover what amazing odysseys they have to offer you on your own journey into Love & Light?!

Share! What's your favorite way to SHOW UP with the horses? Please share to inspire others! Comment below.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Finding Your Freedom through Fear

Many times on my journey, when I'm asked to reclaim the next layer of my power, I am faced with what may feel like an insurmountable wall of FEAR!

< Self-Coaching Question: When has you own fear been an invitation to discover the Truth of your Power? >

My summer on the coast of CA was no different. The next layer of fear was like an active volcano awaiting to erupt. There was fear here. Fear there. Fear everywhere. Especially WITH the horses.

Sunset on the day we arrived:
The incredible view from the property where I stayed

But never fear (HA!), the horses had co-created a divine plan with my Self to fire-up the next breakthrough. Although at the time it appeared to be a serious breakDOWN.

< Self-Coaching Question: When has a challenging break-down been the perfect catalyst to choose your own Break-THROUGH?  Once through the process, was it easier to TRUST that whatever shows up is for your Highest Good?! >

It started with Serendipity's own physical breakdown. My vision for this trip was to be able to ride both of my horses, Seren and daughter Gem, down to the beach from the property where I was staying. However, it immediately became clear that the ride to and from the beach was going to be MUCH more physically straining than anticipated.

In fact, it turned out that the ride down to the beach & back involved almost a mile of a steep hill, filled with, heck, I don't know, 8 inches of deep sand. Basically, the equivalent of bench pressing 100 pounds, for 15 minutes.

Two hand walks to the beach and back, and 22 yo Seren already had sustained a strain, stressing tendons and ligaments that just could not be prepared for such conditions (given that we come from hard-ground CO).

Seren and I on the beach the first day

 So, there we stood, 3 days into my heavenly beach adventure and Seren couldn't even be ridden. Here I was so close to my dream, and yet, seemingly so far.

For weeks I waded through a swamp of disappointment, frustration, and fear, waiting to see if Seren would recover enough to at least enjoy what we did last year: Trailering over to the beach, where she could walk maybe 100 flat feet and be right on the hard sands of the ocean, perfect footing for rehabbing a tendon. 

< Self-Coaching Question: When have you chosen Worry over Trust, delaying your experience of Flowing with Peaceful Acceptance? >

Thankfully, about 3 weeks into the trip, Seren was physically ready to get her beach babe groove back on.

But was I?
I seriously doubted myself. 

Honestly, I was in tears thinking about what a trip to the beach with Seren would entail:

~ I would have to head down the road where the trailer was parked, hook it up myself, get it through a tight tree-d entrance and down a steep, jarring hill into busy traffic.

~ Once back at the stable, I would have to back this new, longer trailer and turn it around in a tight space in order to be able to leave again.

~ I'd have to load Seren into an unfamiliar trailer, that she was anxious about, by myself.

~ I'd have to make the 15 minute trip over the beach, driving alone and then unload Seren and tack her up, sans help.

~ We'd have to ride out on the wide open beach, without the support of another horse & rider.

~  Then, I'd have to do it all in reverse.

All of this, ALL BY MYSELF, without any help. The thought of ALL that could go wrong TERRIFIED me. I honestly didn't know if I was up for any of it. It felt insurmountable. But there was my dream, nagging at me.

 < Self-Coaching Question: When have you allowed fear of what COULD be to cloud your experience of what IS, hindering your ability to be in the Moment? >

What saddened me even more was this: There was once a time when I felt that Seren and I were invincible!!! We could have done all of that without blinking an eye! Heck, we've been all over the country together, alone, many times. Back then, it was Seren and I against the world, and she was my very best friend. I never doubted our ability to accomplish whatever was in our path.

But then traumas happened. Little ones. Bigger ones. None of them ever with Seren herself.

Thus, over time, unresolved traumas layered one on top of another, slowly hiding my Power from me, until the thought of taking Seren to the beach by myself had me a trembling mess.

Thankfully, it seemed some help would come to the rescue. A new-found friend from the barn, Robert, agreed to help. Whew, I thought, "I CAN do this with some help."

But then, something in my request triggered him and he suddenly wasn't willing to help, even if I paid him for his time and effort.  He'd help ONCE, he decided and after that I'd be on my own.

Now THAT triggered me.  Here was a guy with all the time in the world, being requested to do two of his favorite things, hanging on the beach and being with horses, with one of his newly fav folks (me), and now I couldn't even PAY him to help?!!!!

All I could think was: WHY was the Universe conspiring against me being able to live my dream!?!? 

Of course, the Universe was actually conspiring to support me in reclaiming my power, but I couldn't feel that just yet! HA!

< Self-Coaching Question: When has something seemed to "not go your way" but turned out to be the perfect path that ended up leading you were you wanted to go?! > 

Instead, I was, shall we say, devastated. Here we had traveled 1200 miles to be together in our favorite place, Seren and I, and I couldn't even get her there!!!

So, I called on my favorite animal communicator, Pam Allen-LeBlanc of Hidden Brook Farm in Canada to decide how to proceed.

We chatted with Seren. I explained the situation & told her my fears.

And Seren wisely said, "Let's do this together. Doing this alone is really important for you to reclaim your FREEDOM! Which flows from your confidence & independence. I promise I'll be on my best behavior to help you out."

Seren and I during our 1st beach ride
after the injury. She's offering you a
perfect sand dollar in her noseband!
Ok, with my best friend on board with the plan, we set a date with Robert for our one test run with help. I made sure to do everything myself that day, with Robert there only for back up, just in case.

In the beginning, I was almost out of my body in fear. I was shaky, about it all.

But everything went well, and on the way home, I felt remarkably better- I was IN my body, and half calm too!

But secretly, I feared I was only able to do it because someone was WITH me. I felt I needed that crutch. I couldn't decide if proceeding alone was foolish or important.

In the end, I decided to proceed because Seren had said so. She loves the beach as much as me and I felt I owed it to her to spend time there together.

And so, a few days later, we tried again, ALL ALONE.

I was nervous, but everything worked out. In fact, every time we went, my nerves were cut in half, as I proved to myself that I could, in fact, do this.

True to her word, Seren never put a foot wrong! Nothing I worried about ever transpired. She was a perfect angel for loading, unloading, riding, etc. She acted like we had done this our entire lives.

In truth, she was reminding me of WHO I AM and WHO WE ARE TOGETHER.

Sharing the Love

And yet, there was to be another trial. After several weeks of heading out 2x a week by ourselves, we were faced with a graduating exam of Fear. Was I ready to celebrate my Freedom?!

When we arrived at the beach, it was a VERY windy day. For the first time, the kite surfers were out.

Now, these can be very scary to horses. Huge, erratic moving, noisy, bright things in the sky, coming toward us!!! Seren could see them over the dunes in the parking lot. Her energy started amping up, her nerves somewhat rattled. My bodily-sensed anxiety spiked in response.

In that moment, I started to feel defeated, "Oh no, not this fear again!" I wanted to run and hide. I was almost ready to give up.

I realized I had a decision to make: Give into my fear or claim my Freedom. Here was my final test.

So, I weighed the risks. Knowing that this particular horse is very level-headed and has never actually done anything I couldn't handle, I decided to look my fear directly in the eye.

I threw on a saddle as a nod to extra-safety (we often were riding bareback), and headed over the dune toward the dreaded red and blue monsters, who were whirling about in a chilly, grey sky.

Seren and I, heading home
As an immediate reward for facing the fear, when we made it to the beach, the blue monster was already laying quietly on the sand. One monster down! Hallelujah!

Now just one red monster to go.

Yet, the crimson monster headed further out to sea and stayed off the coast for our ride. Seren, well, she just didn't seem to care all that much, as we strolled down the beach. Whew! What a relief.

By the time we turned back towards home, both kites were gone. The monsters had disappeared!

 When we reached our return spot on the beach, I hopped off of Seren to enjoy some time standing together on the beach & relaxing.

It was then the ultimate reward showed up: I swear to god, the wind died down, the sun came out and it turned into a GORGEOUS Blue-Sky afternoon!

< Self-Coaching Question: When has facing your fear resulted in discovering the juicy space of your Freedom? Did it make it easier to face your fear the next time around? > 

We spent the remainder of the day soaking in the warm sunshine, sharing heart space, enjoying the beauty that surrounded us and breathing in the blessing of our beautiful connection.  A connection that restored my FAITH in Self, thanks to Seren's willingness to be my steady partner in search of Truth.

I laughed at how the Universe conspired to outwardly manifest a surprisingly perfect metaphor that day! 

We discovered that when you have the courage to face your fear-demons, they will dissolve into the mist, revealing the sunny Truth, that you are always SAFE, filled with LOVE, and never, ever ALONE. That FREEDOM is your natural state of Being.

After that courageous day, Seren and I went on to share many more joy-filled afternoons together on the beach, without fear, partnering in a wondrous journey of Love.

It turned out that being alone together on the beach was in fact necessary for all of the joy-filled, heart-felt healing moments that would transpire, as Seren and I sunk into the heart-space of connection, that could only be experienced, together, alone in the Silent-Space of Source.

For all of that, I am ever grateful to my best and life-long friend Seren. THANK YOU for giving me back to my Freedom-Filled Self.

And heartfelt thanks to Robert for "forcing" me to re-discover my own Power. Sometimes when someone refuses to help you, it is because you are meant to lift up yourself! We both laugh about that today.

And THANK YOU Fear for being the Gift that Invites us All to Re-Member the Truth of our Freedom.

Please share! When have the horses helped you face your fear so you could reclaim important aspects of your True Self? Please comment below.