About the Pledge

The Equi-Heart Pledge is a 30 Day Global Heart Experiment with Horse. How will your life change if you tune into the Wisdom of Horse daily for a month? Find out by joining the herd for a world-wide spiritual adventure with horse starting Feb 15, 2012.

How to take the Pledge: Choose your favorite way to access the wisdom of horse each day, then visit the blog to uplift others by sharing your insights offered by horse. What message, energy, or awareness did Horse give you?

Plus, be empowered by the knowledge, healing, or inspiration horse has gifted others with that day! It's a sure way to add Horse Power to your life now- sparking more passion, purpose, and playfulness to your daily living.

You'll be playing alongside the authors of the new e-book Spiritual Adventures with Horse, who will add their insights to the herd too, with special interviews, comments, and book excerpts all month long! Grab your FREE book excerpt here.

Not sure how to tune into the Wisdom of Horse?
No worries. I've created a 15-minute guided meditation to give you an easy pathway to connect with Horse Consciousness and your own Wisdom Within. Download it now for only $3.33: Wisdom Horse Meditation: Accessing Your Wisdom Within with Horse.

Don't have a horse in your life or can't get to the barn everyday?
No problem! You don't have to physically be around horses to access their wisdom- you can tune into the Heart of Horse anytime, any place- with your intention. I promise you, the Spirit of Horse will respond!

Join us for this exciting month to see how horse can Uplift your Life and bring you more Power, Passion, and Playfulness starting today!

And if you are ready to deepen your connection with Horse, grab your copy of the inspiring new e-book: Spiritual Adventures with Horse- it's filled with empowering True Tales plus Tools to deepen your journey with Horse!

The Equi-Heart Pledge was created by Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D, psychologist, equine-inspired coach, and dating coach, whose passion is offering people the tools to heal with the Heart of Horse. She's also founder of the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch outside Denver, CO, The Heart of the Horse Festival, and the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance. She's the author of Awakening Unity with Horse and the editor of Spiritual Adventures with Horse.