Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 20: Entering the Sweet Spot of the Pregnant Pause

Once more I found myself plunged into the Void of the Unknown, struggling and squirming in the darkness, only this time Unicorn Wisdom gave me such an Ah-Ha that from this moment forward- there is no more void!

It's been forever replaced by the Sweet Spot found in the Pregnant Pause....let's see how...

I played around with creative expression of the Sweet Spot of the Pregnant Pause so I wouldn't be tempted to forget it's color and energy the next time that charming little Trickster, The Void, trys to woo me!

Here's what my Pregnant Pause looks like...

My Sweet Spot
The Vortex of Fertile Creation found in the Pregnant Pause

What would yours feel like? I invite you to play around and discover it for yourself so you can birth the next miracle on your journey!

What does your Pregnant Pause look & feel like? Please share!
What Wisdom did Horse birth in your today? Please comment and share.

This unicorn wisdom was accessed through the Wisdom Horse Meditation, grab your copy here: Wisdom Horse Meditation

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