Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 21: Are You Afraid of Getting Dirty?

Ok, I admit it. I hate the mud. Hate, hate, HATE it! But why? And how am I going to get over it?

Little Man clues me into a bit of Horse Wisdom that reflects what the mud really means to me and where I've been holding myself back. Let's listen in to this 3 year old Equine Genius...

How are you failing to show up in the world with your FULL Brilliance because you might be afraid of falling down or getting dirty? 

Join me in reclaiming your Freedom to slip, fall, and be a glorious muddy mess!

While I've never been a total perfectionist, I do, on occasion, want things to be well, perfect....videoing for the Equi-Heart Pledge has been a wonderful exercise in releasing the need for perfection while still showing up in the world with your gifts because I have no camera help and typically have a limit on the time I can be out with the herd- it's just me and the tripod and the need to get it done in one take.

So I've gotten great practice in saying, "You know what? It's good enough."

What? My hair is sticking straight up in the video? It has to be good enough.
The wind is howling over my voice? Gonna have to be good enough!
I forgot part of what I wanted to share! Well, it's good enough.
The blog acted up and failed to post the video until 5 pm instead of 5 am? Well, good enough.
The horse moves out of the frame or you can only see the tip top of my head!...well, I guess that's better than enough because it's Divine Perfection!

I invite you to discover how you can release the need to be right or perfect or in control...where can you benefit from being good enough? Where can you find freedom to be more of yourself by not being perfect, but simply being Good Enough!? Please share!

Got a Dorothy Moment to share? When did horse transport you to a new world filled with possibility? Write a post or send me a video and I'll share your story with others to uplift the herd! Email to me at drjenn@unitywithhorse.com 

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