Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 22: Being the Lion Hearted Leader of your Life!

So today I needed to find more courage to get even dirtier in my life than yesterday! And thanks to a beautiful Lion, who holds the energy of the Heart-Centered Benevolent Leader, I saw how I could embody my power without giving up my sweetness and face any dirty task I need to!

In fact, we got some lessons from all of the Forest Folk today...let's listen in....

Horses want us to find and stand in our full Lion-Hearted Leadership because then we can join them as full empowered partners ready to enjoy a dance of partnership!

Where do you need to lead your life with more Lion-Hearted Leadership? The type that invites others to join you as a partner in creating unity among the forest kingdom (or perhaps in the urban jungle, the family den, or the spousal unit?!)

Where could you embody more of your genuine, authentic power with the rest of your essence to create miracles of Unity? Please share!

If you haven't read my chapter yet in Spiritual Adventures with Horse, you can discover the story of how Charm helped me reclaim my power and use the accompanying exercise to more fully embody your powerful essence! Grab your free excerpt here or click on the image below.

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