Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 Symposium Photo Gallery, Part 3: Sunday's Soul-ful Opportunities!

Did you miss Part 1 or Part 2 of the Photo Gallery?

Sunday continued with some powerful small groups!

Maureen & Marlene of Unbridled Coaching came back this year and shared the Equus Coaching perspective on Passion! Play! & Purpose! We got a bird's eye view of the Herding exercise and how to coach using Byron Katie's questions. Insights!!!

Is there a way to do this work that totally honors the horse AND creates real shifts for clients? YES, there sure is and Lizzy Meyer of Whole Horse Consulting offered a powerful paradigm shift that focused on how to structure a Sacred Session to ensure the Horse's well-being. Here they set Sacred Space by introducing the Drum to the horses.

Lizzy is a passionate advocate for ensuring the well-being of the horses we ask to partner with us during this healing work, to ensure it uplifts, not drains, them, so they can offer their best to our clients! She is available to consult with you on your herd too! Looks like this horse agrees!

Ever wonder what it would be like to see the world through the senses of the horse? Darlene Elsbury of Unbridled Hearts led her group through a series of multi-sensory experiences so they could see what they could learn through the senses of horses!

The afternoon continued with another series of small group activities. Duey Freeman of the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies always gets rave reviews for the experiential way they work with attachment through powerful interpersonal experiences and interactions on top of the horse!

Schelli Whitehouse took her herd outside to tune into more powerful ways to market their business through practicing Professional Presence!

Carol Crisp introduced us to the ways in which the Emotion Code can be used to help horses, humans, and the relationship between humans & their horses! This was one powerful session, where BIG emotions were cleared for both horses & humans. What a blessing to bear witness to such beauty.  Thanks to Calvin, for his magnificent white gelding presence! Carol offers remote sessions if you feel you or your horse may have some stuck emotions! You can also learn more about the Emotion Code in Dr. Nelson Bradley's book.

Below Carol uses a magnet rolling over an energy meridian to release the emotion in both human and horses. 

Here are some wonderful words from John who experienced this beautiful session with Calvin, pictured above.

"Hi Dr. Jenn, Wanted to follow up on your suggestion to let you know how amazing my day with all of you was. First of all there were so many trails that led me to the festival, none that could be denied. I was destined to be there for multiple reasons.

As many of us (light workers) are waking up to assist in raising the energy consensus of ourselves and the planet, our paths to that realization become clearer. I’m not sure if you saw the picture that I had of a painting I bought a year and a half ago that has the essence of Calvin all over it. So as you know the universe is right on and the divine connection is always on time. That picture was one of many confirmations that I am on the right path for me.

As for my experience with Carol and Calvin I can confirm that it was genuine, the feelings and truth were right on with everything. I could feel the release of stuck energy in my being when Carol was working with Calvin and then even more with me.

When my father showed up and wanted to help release generational guilt that was extremely powerful. I will always be grateful for the experience and to feel his presence again.
It is clear to me that Calvin stirred up something in my heart when he (Calvin) showed up in the circle. He spoke to me with his big heart and called me to have courage, to not hold back. His lesson was profound and he has had a major impact on my well-being.  I am convinced that this noble knight and I have connected before perhaps in another lifetime. Although I have always had a big heart this opened my heart even more by removing stuck energies that have been there for 44 years.  My sweet wife has commented on how much more at peace I seem since last Sunday and I definitely feel it inside.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your part in having this amazing weekend for all of us looking to remember how connected we are to each other and everything."
With much gratitude,
John Schonewill

Sunday day wrapped up with a wonderful guided experience into our own Hero's Journey to release what stood in the way of expressing our Essence, led by Trish Broersma, author of Riding into Your Mythic Life, in which a version of this exercise is featured.

The activity ended with each participant announcing their Hearts Desire as they dropped it into a crystal bowl, with the horse's offering their blessings!

We were blessed to have Tiffany MacNeil lead the group in a song, so we could combine our voices into ONE voice, through the hearts of horses! You can hear some of her equine-inspired music on Horses & Music for the Soul.

The inspiration didn't end there! It continued for TWO more days for the group of folks who gathered for Equine Alchemy's post-symposium workshop on launching your equine assisted offering. Lisa Murrell and Schelli Whitehouse continued the empowerment alongside of the horses!

One of their participants, Bobbi, even fell in love with Rumi and decided to adopt him. She'll bring him home to the east coast later this summer! HAPPY endings for ALL!

Healers come in all shapes & sizes, below meet some of the other residents at Zumas Ranch, who can lift your heart!

HUGE THANKS to Zumas, all the horses, facilitators, participants and helpers who made the 3rd annual Healing with Horses symposium an EPIC EQUINE-ASSISTED EXTRAVAGANZA of Upliftment & Empowerment. Here's to YOU offering your Soul's Gift to the world, alongside of our dear friends, the horses!

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