Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Mistake IS the Message: The Gift of Humiliation, The Power of Perspective

The symposium always offers many Ah-HA moments of Opening. For me, one of the biggest lessons this time was: TRUST the Universe, it has Magic in store!

We opened the symposium Saturday morning with the Horses saying it is time for us to take the Unity Principle to the next level (see video of that message here). Little did I know that they had a cool trick up their sleeve to let us know our group was making progress already! And it came wrapped up in an uncomfortable emotional experience: Humiliation!!!!

On Saturday evening, we had a wonderful shamanic drum circle where we enacted a Fire Releasing Ceremony.  Everyone wrote down on one piece of paper what they were ready to release and on another, what they were claiming. Then, one by one, with the support of the drum beats, we approached a 3-flamed candle and burned the papers in a symbolic ceremony of stepping into our Next Best.

I went towards the end of the procession and I had been watching the burning, thinking it seemed simple enough. Actually, it wasn't all that easy! As I crouched before the flame and offered my papers, in quick succession, I accidentally doused out 2 of the 3 flames!

Yikes!  I was especially mortified to realize there was NO way to relight the wicks! We were down to ONE flame.

Honestly, I'm not sure why, but as I peered around wondering how many people noticed, I felt so embarrassed! My monkey mind chattered, "Dr. Jenn couldn't get this right! And almost ended the whole darn thing!"

As I returned to the edge of the circle, in my embarrassment, I shared what had happened with the lovely Equus coaches, Maureen and Marlene of Unbridled Coaching. In typical Maureen style, she said, "Well which one doused the flame?!"

And I realized it had been my fear that snuffed out the light. Oh, yay! It was gone, transmuted. And in one moment of perspective-shifting, I was able to release my embarrassment and feel grateful for a shift.

As I sat in that better-feeling state of gratitude, I suddenly opened into the deeper meaning behind it all:

The three flames had become ONE.  It was a SIGN the horses were sharing that the group was making progress toward our goal: UNITY.

HA! I had to laugh out loud at that!!! Here I was feeling all humiliated for no good reason when really, the Mistake was the Message!

Hidden in what appeared to be a mistake, was really a deep sign that ALL is WELL, that we are becoming ONE, that UNITY is upon us for the asking! Woo-hoo!!!

But I did have to SHIFT perspectives from the uncomfortable emotion to be able to access the Truth. And that happened from the power of a simple COACHING question. So thank you Maureen, for that powerful shift!

Hidden in many "mistakes" is a deeper message or learning. When we become open to what is wanting to open within us, we can access the true gift in the moment.

When has a "mistake" held an Ah-Ha Opening for you???
What helped you make that Shift?
Please share in the comments below!

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