Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mares in the Mist: Equine-Inspired Poetry!

If you love horses & poetry and the feelings of inspiration that both of them can give you, this offering is for you!  

One of our readers, Fotini Walton of the Big Red Barn in Canada, has produced a lovely book of equine-inspired poetry that captures the essence of what horses offer through this work we partner with them to offer the world!

Below, enjoy an example...

~ Mares in the Mist ~

As they emerge from the fog,
On this late winter day,
They bring stories of the past,
A glimpse into the history.
Not only of the horses,
But of the land that they walk,
They'd have stories to tell,
If only the could talk.
If only we would listen,
We may hear their inner voice,
Perhaps that is why they remain silent,
Thus giving us the freedom of choice.
Do we want to hear,
The stories they wish to share?
Only you can answer this question,
As you see into the eyes of the mares.

About the author: Fotini Walton
Fotini has been fascinated by horses since she was a little girl. ‎ She has also been a writer since childhood. She combines her two passions of art and horses through her poetry publications: "Words from the Herd" and "Words from the Heart" (available on and Fotini is the founder of non-profit organization, The Big Red Barn, a place for self-discovery through the healing arts (yoga, mindfulness, expressive art) and, of course, horses! 

For more information, please visit Fotini at

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