Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 Symposium Photo Gallery, Part 2: Saturday's Extraordinary Events

See Part 1: Friday, here.

Saturday continued with a moving message from the Herd encouraging you to EMBODY your ESSENCE, so that through your very Presence, you can offer your Soul's Gift to the World!

We continued with an informative group session lead by Linda-Ann Bowling of Unbridling Your Brilliance in Canada, who helped us experiment with how we hold our bodies- which is a profound doorway for transformation. Your whole personality is expressed through the way you move in your body, so shift your body, shift your life!

Of course, the horses are excellent at showing us HOW we show up in our bodies!

The day continued with morning small group sessions with the horses. Shall we take a peek at a few of them?

Lisa Murrell of Equine Alchemy shared the wisdom of COACHING with horses using an International Coach Federation Certified model that incorporates the horses.

Here she helps a participant tune into her body with a scan and a heart's desire before going in the the herd. 

Due to the unpredictable weather, the Equine Alchemy session continued inside with MINI's Missy & Mariah!!! Thank goodness, because look how powerful they are as healers!!!

Cynthia Rank Ballas of Healing with Horses in NM lead a fun session on Activating Your Somatic Superhero to Slay your Fear!!! Putting on your super hero TAIL to find and feel you power was a highlight of the session.

The afternoon included even more Small Group Sessions! Linda-Ann Bowling showed us how to facilitate a Journey Ride, to invite transformation from the BACK of a horse, which of course includes connecting with your horse partner first, and includes gentle drumming, to help participants drop into The Zone.

Evergreen Amundson also shared about using the Medicine Wheel and incorporating Earth Horse Wisdom into our work!

Saturday was capped off with a wonderful Drumming Circle led by Tammy Cunningham that included a Fire Releasing Ceremony to call in the next level of what we are most ready to embody! Soul-a-rific!!!

I was mortified when it was my turn to burn my fear and invite my greatness, because there were THREE FLAMES in the candle and I managed to accidentally SNUFF out 2 of them!!! Until I remembered that our opening theme was creating UNITY by embodying our ESSENCE and the Horses were showing us that we were already making process by reducing the 3 flames to ONE to reflect UNITY!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

It was a wonderful way to ANCHOR in all of the shifts that had been taking place since we had begun!!!

Continue on to Part 3: Sunday's Soul-ful Opportunities!

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