Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 7: Gem's Secret Tool of Transformation- Compassion!

The newest member of our Healing Herd, Gem, the 6 yo daughter of Serendipity and sister to Frolic, has a healing gift she carries in her heart and she wants to share it with you!

Gem's essence carries the Tool of Transformation known as Compassion. And Gem thinks many of us humans forget to use it! She's here to help us remember now.

So what exactly is Compassion? I love this definition for 5th Dimensional Compassion (versus traditional 3rd dimension): Deep awareness of the suffering of another or oneself, without the need to relieve it, feeling total appreciation for its value.

When Gem shows me the essence of compassion it's like a warm, Loving, Unconditional Acceptance of What Is, without judgement.

That's why it's such a powerful Transformer....what if you took something about yourself, another person, or situation that created a sense of yuck and instead chose to shower Compassion- a loving acceptance of What Is without the need to fix it?

Wouldn't that already start to "fix" it, whatever it is? Wouldn't that create room for a shift to naturally occur?

To me compassion is like the doorway out of whatever it is you wish you could shift. You take that one step and then voila, new options appear.

And thanks to Gem, we can now all remember that the door of compassion is always there, we can walk through it whenever we wish! Start with compassion and then see what wants to happen.

In fact, that's what Gem is so good at- she showers you with compassion and will hold it for you until you might choose it for yourself!

I find that Gem most often wants us to remember to offer compassion to ourselves, since typically we are our own worst enemies! So, what aspect of yourself will you offer compassion to today? Please share!


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