Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 14: Opening to Receive!

The Pegasus-es share an empowering Wisdom Horse Gem today about how to shift out of pushing away what you DON'T want and instead, open to receiving what you DO want.

Let's tune into this remarkable lesson in shifting your energy in an instant! This one was so simple, yet profound it made me laugh with it's ingenuity! Gotta love the Spirit Horses! They are CLEVER. Try it with me now...

I appreciated how obvious the energy shift is when you try this with your arm...it's SOOOO eye-opening!

We often fail to tune into how these emotions effect us on the energy level- but since everything is energy, if we align our energy with what we want, not what we don't want- we'll get more of what we want!

And believe me, the Pegasus-es want you to have MORE of what you want!

Curious about the Pegasus energy? Here's a couple of fascinating blog posts where I discovered the unique power of Pegasus!
~ Healing with the Pegasus Energy
~ Finding Your Promise: A Baby Pegasus

What are you going to open to receive? Please share!

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