Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 1: Set Your Global Heart Intention!

Welcome to the first annual Equi-Heart Pledge!

By joining with this community, you're making history! Together, for the first time ever, we're creating a month-long, world-wide, Global Heart Experiment with Horse.  How exciting is that?!

In joining our hearts with horses all over the world, we're inviting horses to do what they do best: Uplift your heart!

To kick-off our time in fine style, let's take a moment to create a Global Heart Intention with Horse! By joining our intent energetically, we'll form a collective that is more powerful than our isolated intentions- helping each of us to reach for our vision alongside Horse!

Enjoy this brief video introduction and guided intention and then let's all tune into the Wisdom of Horse for all sorts of awe-inspring gifts! Thank you for joining me and Horse, and people all over the world in sharing in the Heart of Horse!

Please share a comment and tell us what Gem of Wisdom Horse offered to you today!

Then return daily for updates & inspiration. If you wish to stay easily updated on the Pledge, you can enter your email to get email updates sent directly to your inbox (see upper right hand navigation bar to sign up).

BTW- if you want a little support to make the most of your Equi-Heart Pledge and you haven't yet grabbed your copy of the Wisdom Horse Meditation (to help you tune into the Wisdom of Horse) or the Equi-Heart Pledge E-Workbook (to track your Gems from Horse), then today's your best day to get started with them! You can get both for only $6, or $3.33 individually.

Onward & Upward with Horse!

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