Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 15: Reclaiming Your Child-Like Essence!

Did you leave behind a beautiful part of your Essence somewhere in childhood? A missing piece your life desperately needs now? Horse wants to help you recover it!

Let's see how now...

When I got inside, I drew the energies I saw during my healing with horse. I find that drawing or painting is an excellent way to anchor in the new vibrations horse has offered to you!

So don't be shy- grab some crayons or pencils and let the color work it's magic- you don't have to be an artist! Just working with the colors helps your cells and subconscious integrate the new energy! Here was my anchoring creation, it only took a couple of minutes to make...

Little Jenn accepting the Rainbow Light with Horse and
allowing it to shine her Exuberance out into the world

If you want to play with the Equine-Inspired Inner Inquiry process that I used today, grab your copy of the free report: 5 Steps to Healing with Horse.

Read another layer of Inner Child healing I had with Horse here: Chosen by a Horse

Read more about the Rainbow Healing energies, carried by Pegasus who wants you to visit the Rainbow Waterfall here: Healing with Pegasus Rainbow Energy

Ready to reclaim more of your original essence and release the baggage of the past? Grab your copy of the Journey Ride: Reclaiming Your Magnificence with Horse here. It's a 55 min downloadable MP3 guided healing meditation where you'll work with your body & horse to recover your original gifts left behind long ago, and release what no longer serves!

"Dr. Jenn, I loved this meditation! It was better than therapy because it gave me the tools to check back in with myself over time! Thank you!" ~ Listener

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