Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 11: Healing Past Lives with Horse!

Do you have a past life with horses that needs healing? Surprisingly, I've had more than one! Join me today for an emotional peek into an aspect of  humanity's past with horses that needed a bit of healing...

The cool thing about accessing a painful past life is that FEELING IS HEALING.

If you come upon a painful feeling from another time and place (or this lifetime!) and you allow yourself to go fully into the feeling, feeling it as deeply as you can, for as long as it runs it's course, without prematurely ending it, then typically the emotion will clear itself. You will have healed another layer of darkness keeping you from your Wholeness.

That's what happened for me in the shower (and has happened countless times out with the herd). Once the emotion ran it's course, I felt a quiet stillness of peace.

And the next day? That depression was gone. Now, if I had resisted that depressed feeling and failed to look at it more closely, it might have hung around for several days trying to get my attention (and believe me, I've done that plenty of times too).

But typically when we have the courage to move into the feeling, in our bodies (not the stories in our minds), the feelings can heal themselves, opening a space for a new, brighter energy to enter.

If you need some tools to help you work through those feelings, grab your free report: 5 Steps to Healing with Horse here.

And if you need more support with painful old emotions, don't hesitate to get some professional support to help you through it. I am always available for healing sessions via the phone as needed. Visit here for more info or email me for a $50 Equi-Heart Pledge discount!

Want to read about one of the past lives I've experienced with our young gelding Jaren (in the video today?) Hop on over here: The Gift of an Accident

Here's another one of an Indian lifetime with Serendipity: What Wants to be Released in You?

And another one Seren helped uncover: What it Takes to Heal

If you haven't yet downloaded my excerpt from Spiritual Adventures with Horse- it too contains perhaps the most magical of my past life experiences so far- you can grab your excerpt on the right hand side bar  -->

I used to be a skeptic- but after all of these experiences with my Horses as Guides- I'm now a believer! Perhaps you will be too!

There are lots of great books on past lives to scope out- many written by MD's who were originally skeptics too until their evidence became overwhelming.  I've also found hypnotherapy a helpful avenue to access and heal trauma from other times and places. So if you have a persistent symptom or pattern that nothing seems to heal or makes no sense based on your life experience, get curious! The answer may be hiding in another lifetime!

Have you had a past life experience with Horse? Please comment & share!!!


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