Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What do you WANT?- Expanding into the Felt-Sense of your Vision

If you want anything in life, from a better relationship with your horse, to creating the magnificent reality of a thriving equine-assisted practice, you've got to FEEL YOUR WAY INTO it.

Thoughts create things.

But feelings FUEL them to FRUITION.

One of my most powerful personal experiences of EXPANSION during the recordings for the Tele-Summit came during a session which brought the above concepts into live-motion-play.

Session 2 coming up on March 10, features one of our veteran teachers who is known for bringing forward powerful processes, Linda-Ann Bowling, of Unbridling Your Brilliance up in Canada. She led me on a profound journey to experience the power of my heart-felt desire, without getting stuck in the story!

That place of wide-open-heartedness, IS the place YOU want to create your magnificent mission from. Plus, it's the place you want to guide your client's to so they can create the life they desire.

Free of stuck stories, free of limitation.

Filled with pure JOY and innocent FREEDOM.

When you flow the energy of your own heart's desire, without attachment to the stories of doubt, fear, and limits, you invite the Universe to co-create through you.

That's when the magic of synchronicity & miracles can dance into your life, sprinkling you with surprises that move you toward your dream, easily, almost without effort.

Tune into Session 2 on Tuesday March 10, and I guarantee you're going to love the powerful process of the Clear Leadership Cube that Linda-Ann shares that will help you and your client's find this same Sacred Space of Co-Creation.

Because like me, you'll discover two important lessons:

1) Your ability to experience your PURE Felt-Sense of your Heart's Desire is RIGHT in FRONT of YOU, when you release the habit of getting stuck in the story.

2) To powerfully co-create, all you have to do is invite yourself back into this Sacred Space of Pure Desire, every day!

The most shocking surprise for me on this journey is that by simply gazing into my back pasture, I was able to access the profound Emotions of my Essence: Expansion, Joy & Freedom.

These are the emotions I imagine I will experience when I am living my dream of running an equine retreat on the CA coast.

However, the seeds of that dream, the Felt-Sense of that Desire, is available to me every single day, in my own backyard!

HA! I find that hilarious!

Because if you are anything like me, you go around pretending that you can't feel that way, UNTIL....until whatever...happens.

You forget you have the power to invite that FELT-SENSE into your body, NOW. And from that powerful place of expansion, however it feels to YOU, you will be able to call forth your dreams & visions into reality.

So, join me & Linda-Ann on March 10 to enjoy this journey to your own Heart's Desire so you can help yourself and your client's co-create powerfully in this world.

Remind yourself that creating from that shrunken, restricted, storied place of HABIT, is, well, HARD!

But creating from that open, expansion of DESIRE flows easily! Of course, the horses want to help you get there and stay there!

Won't THAT be the greatest gift of all! To you AND your clients.

See you then.

Linda-Ann will also be at the symposium in May 2015, so you can learn live!
More info: Symposium

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