Sunday, July 13, 2014

Commanding Your Power with the Help of Horse: Part 2, Exercises on Horseback

Welcome back to the second part of Commanding Your Power, where Master Wizard Teacher in a horse body, Bella Mesa, is sharing her equine perspective on how to OWN your power so you can command the universe to fulfill your heart's desires!

See Part 1 HERE for background and intro message.

Here, Bella Mesa shows you an exercise you can do to begin Commanding your Power, and UNITING as ONE with your horse, so that your POWER CAN RIDE THE HEART OF HORSE- while horseback riding and in life.

This exercise has changed the way I ride horses (and the way they respond) AND how I walk on the earth, showing up in my daily life!

Here is another brief exercise you can try on the back of your favorite horse friend. It is a specific posture you can use. Try all or part of it and see what shifts.

~ As you engage in the full posture, breathe into each chakra.

~ Set the intention for the horse's energy to help you open and clear each of your energy centers, and see what you notice!

Or just hang out there and allow the power of horse to ooze into every pore of your body, supporting your expansion!


How would your "power riding the heart of horse" change your riding?
Shift your life?
Transform your relationships?

What's your favorite Power Posture???

Please share and leave a comment below.

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