Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shed Your Shield!: The Parting Message of the 2014 Healing with Horse TeleSummit

As a THANK YOU to everyone who joined in the 2014 Healing with Horse Tele-Summit, the Healing Herd has this wonderful parting message that encourages you to ask:

"What am I ready to shed so that I may serve joyfully alongside of horses, shining my HeartLight into the Darkness, uplifting Humanity through the Heart of Horse???"

Then discover a two-part process to Shed Your Shield of outdated patterns with the help of horses!

Here's what Serendipity has to share with you...

BTW- sorry for the bit of wind that crops up, but please stick with it, it dies down shortly! :)

Please share!
What's your "favorite" shield?
What are you ready to shed?
How do the horses help you release outdated patterns?

See related video: Shining Your HeartLight with Horses

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