Thursday, October 31, 2013

Banish the Inner Critic: Releasing Self-Doubt & Judgement

Are you ever hard on yourself about your coaching or teaching work? Can your Inner Critic be so loud that it bums you out or gets in the way of your work? 
If so, Serendipity, the head of my healing herd, has a very special healing message for you.

Discover how with one bareback ride, she was able to help me overcome my very stubborn Inner Critic. Then use her advice to power you forward on your own path of sharing your wisdom with the world!

SHINE ON! The world needs your Light in the Darkness!!!

SHARE with the Herd: How has horse helped you heal via a horseback session? When has horse helped you release your inner critic? Please share your experience by making a comment below or at our Linked-In Comm-Unity: 

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  1. Thank you Serendipity! (and Dr Jen)

    Jan in Australia xx