Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Real Meaning of Christmas: An Exercise in Gifting Yourself and the World!

I love, love, LOVE what the Herd had to say about what Christ-mas is really about!

And they offer a BRILLIANT idea about how to really celebrate the True meaning of Christmas this year, and every day forever more.

I found their message so enlightening and inspiring, and once more, practical!

Let's tune in to as I sit with Galaxy, the 2012-2013 Hidden Healer, to share the Herd's Christmas Wish for you!

So, what are you gifting yourself with this year? What are the 3 Sacred Energies of your Essence? And how will you share them with the world this year! Please share to inspire others to uplift the world, just like Jesus did many moons ago! (To Comment, just click the tiny "# comment" link below)

BTW, stop by Galaxy's Hidden Healer video blog to learn more about this amazing 5 yo TB's year-long journey of transformation from a race horse to healing therapy partner! He's a blast! Visit him here:
The Hidden Healer

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  1. Thanks for reminding us that we have gifts within us to give to the world.
    My 3 are:
    Leadership - someone has to lead the way and be a good example to inspire others to follow.
    Sharing Knowledge - I have a lot of experience with horses to share which I do through my website, blog and articles.
    Compassion - for all animals, especially horses, and their people.
    Hope you all have a very Happy Holiday.

  2. Thanks for sharing your important gifts with the world Cynthia- we need you and the horses thank you for stepping up and leading with your heart as a shining example to all!!!

  3. what a wonderful short film and message from your healing herd. My gifts are depth, compassion and flow. thanks and happy holidays.